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Ewon for Penampang's brighter future

9 November 2022

I do not know Ewon Benedick that well until during the time when Kg Maang was under seige by Chief Minister then Musa Aman proposal to move thousands of illegal immigrants to Kg Maang from Putatan.

As UPKO Komulakan Chief at that time, they were the first to stand up and fought together with Kg Maang community.

I happened to be in Kuala Lumpur in one of those days and drop in by Tan Sri Benard Dompok PM office to get an update from him as i was very concern too because I'm residing right beside the proposed settlement.

I remembered vividly how he related to me that he had just brought the matter to the cabinet meeting and was in the process of writing a follow up letter which he showed to me.

Apparently the Komulakan Chief was also constantly pushing him at that time to settle it and fast as it was causing much anguish to the entire Kg maang community.

Truly enough not long after, the proposal was finally cancelled.

I was really grateful and thankful to those people who fought and remain together with residence of Kg Maang during our darkest hour.

I also want to say thank you especially to Ewon Benedick for taking great effort at that time in preventing untold catastrophic consequences to my village.

I do not speak for my fellow "Kampung" folks as this happened quite sometime ago but if they think otherwise or forgotten about it. I respect them too as they very much entitled to their own views and opinion whom I fully understand thou I can console myself with verse written in the bible ‘Jesus had healed him as well as the nine others who had leprosy.

It was only the Samaritan who returned to thank Jesus for his healing. ’Luke ‘ 17:11•19.

When i heard news that Datuk Ewon Benedick might be going for parliament in Penampang sometime ago, I took time off to see for myself around his ADUN constituency Kadamaian. And Walla! the transformation development was amazing and incredibly done in his very short time as ADUN.

Proper planning were done accordingly based on needs and not what the authorities thinks should do with prioritising flood mitigation, new road network and bridges, drainages, community base centres, tamu ground improvements, etc.

With that I hereby endorse Datuk Ewon Benedick as candidate for P174 Penampang Parliament. He is the right person at the right time for Penampang brighter future. God Bless.

Frederick Edwin Lojingki

Kg. Ma'ang Residence


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