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7 JAN 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

TAMPARULI: Farmers in six villages in Lembah Kiulu are begging the government, particularly the relevant ministry, to repair Mogonding agriculture road in that area.

The road is a main route for farmers from six villages, namely Kampung Tomis Lama,

Kampung Tomis Jaya, Kampung Tomis Mangi Pangi, Kampung Tiong Ratau, Kampung Tiong Simpodon and Tiong Gondohon, to go to their farms.

Mogonding Agricultural Road Consensus Chairman, Punggin Maradan said the damage to some parts of the agricultural road made it difficult for them to carry their agricultural products such as paddy, pineapple, and rubber.

"Farmers cannot carry their agricultural produce such as paddy, pineapple and rubber because this road is impassable, especially during rainy season," he told Nabalu News, here, today.

Punggin said, before this, the villagers worked hand in hand to repair the road damage in the agricultural area but this time, the damage is very severe and difficult to repair.

In this regard, he appealed to the government through Kiulu State Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai to take swift action, given that it is now harvest season for pineapples.

"Among the things that we need here are culverts and gabions. We also request that a concrete bridge or permanent route be built across the Kuriyou river,” he said.

Punggin Maradan

Meanwhile, Tuaran Young Farmers Chairman Nikson Dauni also hoped that the agricultural road could be repaired and upgraded.

He appealed to Deputy Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan to consider the application of farmers in the area.

“Mogonding agricultural area is one of the agricultural areas with large pineapple plantations. Apart from the roads, we also need other facilities such as gravity water supply because most farmers will spend a few days in their gardens as the distance between the garden and their home is very far.

"But whatever it is, it is more urgent is to repair agricultural roads," he said.

Pineapple entrepreneur from Kampung Tomis Lama, Shary Duin said, he had to walk 3KM to go to the hill paddy farm because the road is impassable by any vehicle.

Nikson Dauni

"We hope this agricultural road is maintained for the comfort of all farmers in this area," he said.

Ginger Entrepreneur Ratau Lawrence Amin and Pineapple Wholesaler Jolius Marcus from Kampung Tiong Ratau also expressed similar concern for the current condition of the road.

"We hope immediate action can be taken to maintain and repair the damage to this agricultural road because the residents in six villages rely on this road for their income,” they said.

(From left to right) Jolius, Lawrence dan Shary.


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