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Stella (seated, centre) with the participants after the certificates presentation.

7 JAN 2021

PAPAR: While waiting for the tourism industry to start rolling again amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a 46 years old grandmother has decided to learn beauty therapy so that she could give visitors a treat when they visit Langkayan Island.

And looking at the promising future prospect of beauty therapy especially when the popular diving resort does not have such services for visitors at the moment, Siti Zulaiha Nonchi did not mind to travel all the way from Sandakan in the east coast to the west coast town of Papar last year to attend the one-week beauty therapy course.

The course was held at the Excellence Skill Academy from December 28, 2020 to January 3, 2021 where its founder cum director, Stella Matuya was on hand to conduct the theory and practical training.

According to her, a total of 50 people were selected to undergo the training under the e-Kasih programme and sponsored by the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry.

However, due to the unfolding of the virus the course would be staggered where the first session was participated by 18 women, thereafter 12 and 20 participants for the subsequent sessions the following weeks, Stella explained.

As for Siti Zulaiha who hailed from Langkayan Island, situated about 2 hours boat ride to Sandakan town the absent of Spa service has motivated her to learn the new skill so that visitors can have a relaxation moment after the diving activities.

Siti Zulaiha

The mother of five children and six grandchildren who is also a swiftlet bird’s nest farmer said she always look forward to learn new skill whenever there is an opportunity being presented.

“All the skills that I have learned I will hand down to my children so that in future they can continue to generate income,” said Siti Zulaiha whose husband is a fisherman.

Another participant, Jennifer Juss, 31, said the course has enhanced her knowledge as the mother of three children from Kampung Langsat, Papar has already been working as hairstylist and a beautician.


And for Rojery Lingon, 40, a mother of two children the course was more of a refresher for her since she already has the basic knowledge and skill from doing part-time make up job.

“I am very excited because now I got a certificate and I am planning to open my own beautician shop at Lumat Centre in Beaufort,” she shared.-Holiday Sabah


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