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26 JAN 2021

KUALA LUMPUR: The agriculture and plantation sector is expected to see a huge increase in adoption of drone technology this year due to the increase in demand and technology readiness, thus enabling a technology-driven transformation to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Malaysia Digital Economy Cooperation (MDEC) DroneTech and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Ecosystem manager Wan Mohd Farhan Wan Mohd Fuad said the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted and accelerated the need for digitalisation and acceptance of drone technology in the sector.

“With the pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) (since) last year, technology like drones is seen as a more cost-effective and better option especially for conventional industries in Malaysia, for example, paddy farming and oil palm plantations,” he said during the 1st Virtual World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Summit yesterday.

The first Virtual World UAV Summit 2021 was participated by 300 participants nationwide, featuring speakers from various countries and regulatory authorities like China, Japan and Greece, as well as local entities - Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia and Malaysian National Cyber Security Agency.

Wan Mohd Farhan said, furthermore, MDEC is also looking forward to having an opportunity to test cross-border drone delivery with neighbouring countries.

“This will need a harmonisation across the region and we also need to have a reliable, integrated and safe innovative technology to make this a reality,” he said.

As such, he said MDEC needs to identify more drone technology and various players locally and globally to consolidate information and data, as well as helping the companies to grow further in the market.

“From a national perspective, we are going to create high-value job opportunities and increase digital adoption rate in conventional industries,” he added.

On another note, he highlighted that MDEC will continue to advocate the public about the rules and regulations to ensure the risk related to drone flying are mitigated as more private and commercial drone users are using the equipment for various purposes. -Bernama


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