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Hunger strike for Malaysia’s Covid-19 delirium: Calling for immediate concrete action

10 Aug 2021

WISDOM Foundation strongly expresses disappointment over the inaction of the government towards the ongoing hunger strike by our rakyat.

It has been 7 days since this movement has publicly stated its woes on the government’s management of the Covid-19 situation which has caused the rakyat to suffer continuously while overwhelming our frontliners who are at their limits.

The growing trend of Malaysians taking a stand and coming out from the safety of their homes in order to get the voices of the rakyat heard shows that the government has failed in their duty to control the pandemic, with numbers soaring above the 20,000 cases mark, daily.

Recent waves of political instability has taken the focus away from the dire Covid-19 situation but the government must put the people’s agenda as first priority.

The government must review the current National Recovery Plan to meet the needs of the rakyat on the ground instead of throwing blanket standard operating procedures.

WISDOM Foundation is in solidarity with the #RakyatLapar movement to stand up for the plight of those who are greatly affected by Covid-19 and we call upon the government to take swift, concrete actions to improve Malaysia’s current health situation.

Zila Fawzi

Chief Operations Officer

WISDOM Foundation



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