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Jannie (middle) distributing the calendar to the public

7 JAN 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: In the next few days, Kapayan State Assemblywoman Jannie Lasimbang will be distributing her 2021 Rocket Calendar and Kaya jam around the Kapayan area and asking how her constituents are faring.

Her team from Pejabat Perhubungan ADUN Kapayan covered Donggongon Township last Tuesday and Beverly Hills Commercial Centre yesterday.

"I am happy to take this opportunity to meet the people and to listen their concerns and issues as well.

"Our team has distributed a total of 300 Kaya jam at Beverly Hills Commercial Centre yesterday, and I am very grateful to hear the support from the people.

"I will continue to serve the people as best as I can despite being currently cut off from any development or welfare funds for being in the opposition," she said in a statement today.

Jannie expressed special thanks to Ancour Local Product for donating 10,000 bottles of kaya jam, and to her volunteers and staff for their dedication and hardwork.

During her walkabout, several shopkeepers around the Donggongon township complained about the stalled roofing project, which is badly affecting their business.

Jannie said she agreed with the shopkeepers and visitors that the four-month prolonged difficulties as a result of the stalled roofing project is not acceptable.

"The reply I have received from Penampang District Officer, Hendry Idol, is that until now, there has been no official news from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government on why they have stopped the project, but he hopes the Ministry will resolve any legal issues that arose and give Penampang District Council the permission to continue the project."

"The restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic was also another reason why work has stopped."

"I urge the Ministry to make the decision as soon as possible, failing which, the Penampang Council should remove some of the barriers to allow better access for the public” Jannie added.

Other than that, stall owners at the Tamu Sangadau expressed their satisfaction that the solar lights installed last year through Kapayan state assembly fund were functioning well

"We also discussed about further activities this year to segregate and dispose organic waste sustainably."

The programme will continue in Kapayan area in the next few days targeting commecial centres including Penampang Baru, Taman Suria & Bundusan, Towering & Millenium, Cybercity & Kepayan Perdana and Kepayan Square.

The programme will also cover several apartments, as well as villages under the Kapayan constituency namely Hungab, Koidupan, Kobusak, Tunoh, Nagasiba, Nosoob Baru, Mogoputi, Peringatan, Ganang, Sodomon, Kapazan, Baru Luyang and Damai.


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