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Mahathir continues to hobble a nation

19 March 2023

A wound takes time to heal but sometimes we absently pick at a scab and find that the repetitive action helps to relieve stress. It then becomes a habit. Kadir Jasin should instead advise Tun Mahathir against such bad habit.

Prime Minister Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is working around the clock to help our nation heal from the damage caused by his predecessors. A crucial aspect in PM's responsibility is to administer accountability in managing government spending and introducing good governance among respective ministries and agencies in line with the ethos of Malaysia Madani.

Among the said damage left by the past included Mahathir's own doing which Kadir is good at fiddling to his master's tune for public sympathy. Malaysians are not oblivious to the racial discord being harped. If that was not enough, Kadir should instead advise Mahathir against any displaying fickled behaviour in his political gameplay. A man is judged by his consistent actions and words used publicly.

PM is doing his very best to tackle corruption and 'clean up house' by retrieving as much stolen money to help reduce the fiscal deficit and national debt left by previous incompetent administrations. Kadir is right when he commented that PM must use his position to 'move on'. This includes ignoring and denying the baggage of a 'has been' leader including their mouthpieces from being given unnecessary spotlight for their humbugs.

I plead to Kadir as a veteran journalist to train his guns on Mahathir who is now on a path to stirring up racial incitement and threatening the fabric of Malaysian society after losing his deposit and being rejected in the Malay heartlands in totality.

Perhaps Mahathir's total rejection was caused by his infamous calling of Malays as being lazy which is far from the truth where Malays now are working 2 jobs just to earn a decent wage as a result of the economic policies which Mahathirsm left after 22 years.

Everyone must understand that the old corrupt way of doing business is over. PM is only interested in making sure the well-being of Malaysian citizens are looked after and the economy is strong enough to safeguard equitable rights. It's about time the country had a prime minister that cared for the nation and not his pocket.

Aidi Amin PKR Ampang Division Secretary


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