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Opposition bloc must set aside ego, be united - UPKO Youth

16 March 2022 By Wartawan Nabalu News TELUPID: The opposition bloc must have a strong unity amongst its leaders in order to defeat their rivals. United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Youth Chief, Felix Joseph Saang has urged opposition leaders to unite and set aside their ego so that they can save the country and put it back on track. “The people are actually aware that unity among the opposition leaders is the only way to defeat the ‘court cluster’ leaders, some of whom have already been found guilty of corruption and abuse of power. "That is why the leaders of the opposition parties must have a strong unity because this is what the people want," he said. He said this after officiating the UPKO Triennial General Meeting for the Wonod branch, here in Telupid recently. Based on the statistics of the recent Johor and Melaka state elections, Felix said that the opposition would have defeated Umno and BN had they remained united. “The opposition must move together, fight for the same goal and the same mission. "Disunity will be detrimental to all parties and could result in a bleak future for the country. "Only in Malaysia where leaders who have been found guilty of corruption and abuse of power are still free and even given many privileges. This is one of the reasons why giant companies lose confidence and leave our country, ”he said. He added that political stability in a government is vital in attracting more investors and for the development of new economic projects for the well-being of the people. Meanwhile, while speaking at the event, Felix, who is also the UPKO Beluran Division Head, reminded party members to remain loyal, resilient, focused and committed to the party's struggle. He also called on all UPKO leaders at the grassroots level to continue to serve and serve the community. “As an opposition party, UPKO has a very important role in carrying out their ‘check and balance’ duty against the government, UPKO is committed and focused on fighting for the rights and interests of the people of Sabah, ”he said.



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