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Sabah arm wrestlers crowned world champions

Sabahan participants.

1 October 2023.


KOTA KINABALU: The highly anticipated International Federation of Armwrestling (IFA), Malaysia's tournament concluded with a display of strength and skill from Sabahan participants.

The IFA Arm Wrestling Champioship held at in Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena Kuala Lumpur, showcased the prowess of arm wrestlers from various age categories.

President of Sabah Arm Wrestling Association Carfester J. Mokujin shared the results of the tournament.

In the Senior Men Right Hand 70 Kg category, Joffey Jolly (00268) emerged as the undisputed world champion, displaying exceptional power and technique throughout the tournament.

Jolly's impressive performance solidified his position as the top arm wrestler in his weight class.

Carfester J. Mokujin.

The U-18 Men Right Hand 63 kg category witnessed a remarkable display of talent from Wayner Weew Oliver (00233), who secured the first-place position. Oliver's dedication and determination paid off, earning him the coveted title of world champion.

Meanwhile, in the U-18 Men Right Hand 70 Kg category, Junior Daniel Marcus (00234) showcased his exceptional skills, claiming the top spot and cementing his status as a rising star in the arm wrestling world.

In the Junior U-15 Men Left Hand 70Kg category, Nathanael Evander Sooyon (00232) demonstrated incredible strength and technique, earning himself the well-deserved first-place position.

Notable mentions go to Radical Randie (00241) in the Junior U-21 Right Hand +95 Kg category, who secured the second position with a display of raw power and determination.

Continuing the list of outstanding performances, Raymond Wong (00269) clinched the third-place position in the Senior Men Right Hand 70 kg category, showcasing his exceptional arm wrestling skills.

Joffey Jolly.

Jolly Johnson (00229) achieved the third-place position in the Grand Master Right Hand 86 Kg category, proving that experience and expertise are invaluable assets in the world of arm wrestling.

Lastly, Juan Gary Dalliam Binchos (00263) showcased his prowess in the Junior U-18 Men Right Hand +86Kg category, securing the third-place spot with an impressive display of strength and technique.

The IFA Arm Wrestling Champioship was a resounding success for the Sabahan participants, while having provided a platform for these arm wrestlers to showcase their immense talent and dedication.

Carfester recorded his appreciation to Datuk Ewon Benedick, Penampang Member of Parliament who is also the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development for his support and contribution to the event.


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