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SPM 2022: SM St Michael's GPS leaps to 2.53

Photo for illustration purpose.

8 June 2023

My dear beloved teachers, PIBG, BOG, PPD, Parents, Non-Teaching Staff and Michaelians SPM 2022

This is the day; the moment we have all been waiting for is here; the SPM 2022 results.

So, undeniably, for the past few days, everyone; students, parents, and teachers have been so nervous and worried yet still praying for the best in our students' performance.

As the school's principal, I, too, have been anxious about our results.

This is because we struggled so much throughout the past years to get to this day. Looking back, the last two years, 2021 and 2022, had been challenging for our batch of SPM 2022 Michaelians because they had to endure the Covid19 pandemic since they were in Form 3. Because of that, they and our teachers had to quickly cope and learn new ways of teaching and learning through PdPR or online classes. On top of that, the latest syllabus and the foundation of all the subjects in SPM were introduced when they were in Form 4. In addition, this batch had their classes on and off due to the pandemic. To make things worse, our school had to bear the floods that hit our school multiple times last year, even on the SPM exam day itself, where we had to search and rescue some students to come to sit for the exam.

Those years were so bad that we felt so stressed and helpless. However, despite all these challenges, sweat and tears, everyone persevered, united and worked even harder to form the fantastic teamwork of the SMSM Family; teachers, PIBG, BOG, parents, Students, and PPD. We strived harder, burnt more midnight oil, and gave our fullest commitment and dedication for the sake and better future of our SPM 2022 Michaelians.

On that note, with a humble heart, great joy and pride, I now announce the bountiful harvest of our efforts:

Ladies and gentlemen, SM St Michael Penampang GPS or Grade Purata Sekolah for 2022 has improved by leaps and bounds of 0.45, from 2.98 to 2.53!

This also means that once again, St Michael Secondary School, Penampang is the TOP Daily School in Sabah!

Praise The Lord! Before, it seemed to be an impossible dream. Yet now, we reap the miraculous fruits and rewards of our incredible efforts. Let's thank and Praise the Lord for blessing us with such a bountiful and beautiful harvest.

For this, I would like to Congratulate Our Fantastic Teamwork of SMSM Family; teachers, Non-teaching staff, PIBG, BOG, parents,PPD , and Michaelians SPM 2022

We are so satisfied, happy, and proud of you, Michaelians SPM 2022, because your achievement is also ours. You truly deserve this. It also proves that we dont have to be a Sekolah berasrama penuh or selected students to achieve what we have today. Instead, your great accomplishment today is living proof that nothing is impossible. Despite being a regular daily school, on the outskirts of town, from humble families and backgrounds, and ordinary teachers, we did it because of our extraordinary unity; we shared the same spirit, focus, vision, energy, and drive.

So dear family, let us continue our great teamwork in SMSM and strive for excellence. Let us continue this incredible momentum to strategize and work even harder to ensure our Michaelians SPM 2023 will do even better.

Finally, My dear Michaelians SPM 2022, we give you our blessings. Please use this marvellous result wisely as a key to unlock your amazing future and secure your destiny. Tomorrow you will fly to your destinations and may be out of our sight, but you are always in our hearts and prayers.

We pray you succeed in everything you do, make somebody of yourselves and continue to be the pride of our school, your family, and our country. Keep the Michaelian's spirit close at heart; remember that once a Michaelian, always a Michaelian.

On that note, congratulations to all once again. Stay safe, and God bless us all.

Ora Et Labora, Terima kasih, Kotohuadan. Thank you.

Jennifer Asing

Excellent Principal JUSA C

SM St. Michael, Penampang


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