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Timely importance of diversity in the civil service and statutory bodies in Sabah

28 November 2023

Ewon Benedick's call for greater reflection of the multi-ethnic and multi-religious in the recruitment of civil servants and statutory bodies in Sabah is not only timely but also crucial for promoting diversity, inclusivity, and effective governance. By ensuring that the civil service represents the rich tapestry of Sabah's population, the government can better serve and understand the needs of its citizens, ultimately fostering a more united and prosperous society.

Sabah, known for its rich cultural diversity, is home to various ethnic groups and religions. Ewon Benedict's call for greater reflection of this diversity in the recruitment of civil servants is indeed timely and important.

By acknowledging and embracing the multi-ethnic and multi-religious character of Sabah, the government can ensure that civil service positions are filled by individuals who can effectively represent and understand the needs of different communities. This will help in the formulation and implementation of policies that are inclusive and sensitive to the unique challenges faced by each community.

Recruiting civil servants from various ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs can also promote social cohesion and harmony within the state. It sends a strong message that diversity is valued and respected, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance among different communities in Sabah.

A diverse civil service can bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. Different cultures and religions offer unique insights and approaches to problem-solving, which can be beneficial for effective governance and decision-making. It can also prevent the marginalization or neglect of certain communities, as civil servants from different backgrounds can bring their firsthand knowledge and experiences to address the specific challenges of each community in Sabah.


J. Ligunjang JP MySabah

28 November 2023.


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