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Touristic village gets assistance

Tourism landscapes of Tomis

2 November 2023


KOTA BELUD: Kg Melangkap Tomis, located in Kota Belud under the Kadamaian constituency, boasts of a picturesque countryside and is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty.

It sits at the foothills of majestic mountains and offers an array of hiking trails that wind through lush forests, revealing stunning vistas at every turn.

Visitors can choose from leisurely strolls to challenging treks as there is a trail for every level of hiker, allowing them to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Waterfalls and a crystal-clear river flow through the heart of Tomis, reflecting the surrounding natural beauty.


Victor Langkin, a community leader of the

village, shares that though the beauty of nature is their pride and joy, they lead basic lives as rubber tappers and paddy planters.

They sustain themselves by planting vegetables and orchards of fruits for their consumption. Some of the villagers are also gainfully employed outside the village.

The village has a small church where most of the 500 residents gather for their services. The church is not spacious enough to accommodate all the faithful, but it suffices since most of them work outside the village on normal days.

Crossing the river.

During Christmas, however, it tends to overflow as most of those working outside will come home for the celebration.

Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick recently donated 35 plastic chairs to the church and RM200 to go towards clearing the cemetery.

Victor expresses his gratitude for the contribution, adding that Ewon has been helping them over the years.

In the past, the assemblyman has also donated a conference table worth RM5,000, contributed RM6,000 to cement the church parking area, and RM8,000 for groups in the village such as women and youth.

He also contributed RM15,000 towards the Pastor's quarters and supported the construction of a bridge and the upgrading of a village road for about 850 metres.

The mountains that embrace Tomis are a prominent feature of the village's landscape, standing tall and majestic. Tourists and photography enthusiasts can have a field day in this environment.

Presenting the church chairs.

However, the villagers need good road access into the village since a road of about 2.5 kilometre has not been repaired since 1995.

They also need a farm access road in the village of about 10 kilometres.

Overall, the villagers are content with their lives, especially with Ewon as their State Assemblyman.

He is very popular with the people due to his down-to-earth nature and visits his constituents more as a friend than a State Representative.

He has never been parsimonious when helping the less fortunate and provides them with what they need, such as wheelchairs or hospital beds.

Additionally, he brings food baskets on visits and almost always helps with some funds to buy necessities.

"I admire his friendliness and the fact that he never puts on airs when he comes to visit us. He is indeed a man for the people," says Victor.

Kg Melangkap Tomis thrives and prospers under the positive and effective leadership of its people, and is set to continued progress and development.

Datuk Ewon Benedick is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative.


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