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30 Jan 2021

KUALA LUMPUR: Around 10 million residents or 30.4 per cent out of 32.7 million Malaysian population have been recorded under the 2020 Malaysian Population and Housing Census online or e-Census from July 7, 2020, and Jan 28 this year.

Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said as of today, a total of 3.3 million residences have been counted in using the method which was reopened in an effort to contain the COVID-19 transmission.

“The department has restructured the implementation of the second phase of Census 2020 which is from Jan 20 until Feb 6 and reviewed the census methods including by reopening the e-Census platform,” he said during the tabling of Census 2020 initial findings which was streamed live on the department’s Facebook page yesterday.

Mohd Uzir, who is also the Census 2020 Commissioner, said among the states recording the highest completion rates were the Federal Territory of Putrajaya (91 per cent), Johor (48.2 per cent) and Perlis (45 per cent) while Sabah recorded the lowest rate at 8.9 per cent.

Federal Territory of Labuan recorded 17.6 per cent, Sarawak (18.9 per cent), Melaka (38.9 per cent), Penang (38 per cent), Negeri Sembilan (35.2 per cent), Terengganu (32.5 per cent), Selangor (31.4 per cent), Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (28.4 per cent), Kelantan (27.3 per cent), Kedah (25.8 per cent) and Pahang (24 per cent).

“Of the 10 million respondents, 50.1 per cent are female while 49.9 per cent are male, so there is a balance gender distribution.

“Meanwhile, the age group cohort analysis found 6.3 per cent respondents are aged 65 and above, working age of between 15 and 64 years (69.5 per cent), and zero to 14 years (24.3 per cent),” Mohd Uzir said.

Besides that, the total respondents also comprised 67.1 per cent from the Bumiputera group, followed by Chinese (26 per cent), Indians (6.3 per cent), others (0.6 per cent) and non-Malaysian (2.3 per cent).

Mohd Uzir added there were 320,000 households comprising 1.2 million residents who have registered for e-Census but have yet to complete them.

Therefore, he urged Malaysians to complete their e-Census as soon as possible to reduce face-to-face contact.

“All residents are urged to participate in Census 2020 to ensure no one is left behind. The country’s success and the prosperous lives that we enjoy today is a result of information distribution from the previous censuses,” he said. -Bernama


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