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Carnival Vendors: hold this activity every Thursday

21 Sept 2023


KOTA BELUD: Vendors participating in the Mini Carnival for Hawkers and Small Traders (HPPK) want this event to be held every Thursday.

This will allow them to sell their wares for two days as there is a Friday tamu or market weekly.

Suhana Linoh, 37, from Kg Podos sells hand made parang (machetes) of all sizes with her parents at the Tamu.

She said they came early to sell their wares and by 7pm they have already sold half of their machetes.

"We are very happy with this carnival as they activities has attracted attention and lots of people," she stressed.

She hoped that it will be held every Thursday to be dubbed as Tamu Khamis to be carried over the next day to the weekly tamu, Tamu Jumaat or Friday market.

"There's no need for the concert to be held every week, just the Tamu," she said.

A two-day market allows vendors to have more time to engage with customers and sell their products, Julia lingin a basket maker and vendor said.

The 62 year old hails from

Kg Gonsurai and had been weaving and selling her baskets since she was young.

According to Nurisa Sanil, 55, who participated in the carnival under KRT Tamu Darat, a two day tamu will provide a longer window for potential customers to visit the market, increasing the chances of making sales.

Veronica Siging, 47 from

Kg Tombuloug Toginambur believed that

with more time available, vendors can attract a larger customer base and generate higher revenue.

Veronica who sells preserved food, pickles and local cakes said it should be carried out

on Thursday, allowing vendors to sell their wares directly into the next day.

All the vendors expressed their appreciation of the efforts by the carnival organisers.

They especially expressed their gratitude to the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) Datuk Ewon Benedick who is also the Kadamaian State Assemblyman for his constant support for his constituents.

For Felicia Janari, 42, who sells mushroom products the event is an opportunity for her to sell her products.

She was thankful that she came to know about the event from her association.

"I am glad I came as the carnival attracted many people which allows me to reach out to more customers," she stated.

She hoped that the event would be held in a regular basis so that vendors will be able to garner more revenue.

The random survey indicate that vendors want a two-day market so as to increase sales potential, networking opportunities, customer retention and improved market exposure.


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