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The situation of the house after the incident. Photos taken by villagers.

27 JAN 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: A family of three was left homeless as their home in Kampung Lonkogungan here razed to the ground in a devastating fire which broke out last Friday.

The couple, 43-year-old Francis Langap and 37-year-old Jalina Kimin, and their son Elldin Jadder Franci, 9, were only aware of the incident when they were returning home after a day working at the paddy fields.

They suspected the fire to be caused by an overheated wood stove which somehow resulted in the spread of the fire, although they believed they had put out the fire on the stove before they left their home.

All of their belongings inside the house were burnt down, including their identification documents, account bank books, cash money, mobile phones, clothes, food, among others.

Their son, Jadder is a student of SK Tiong Perungusan Tamparuli, a school at Jalina's hometown, and he can no longer participate in his virtual learning sessions as the gadget that was utilised for the purpose was razed during the incident.

The mobile phone used by Jadder for his online learning sessions.

Jalina's younger brother, Jhony Kumin said the absence of telephone line at his sister's village made it worse as the villagers could not contact and inform the fire department about the incident.

"My sister could not be reached since she lost her phone in the fire, we only found out about this incident from my brother-in-law.

"Therefore, I would like to appeal for sincere contributions on behalf of my sister and her family, whatever kind of help it may be to help ease the family's burden.

"Jadder is studying in SK Tiong Perungusan Tamparuli, but he went back to his parents' house at Kampung Longkogungan on last Dec 26," Jhony who resides at Kampung Tiong Ratau, Tamparuli said as he spoke to Nabalu News, yesterday.

According to him, he would take Jadder with him and send some food aid after getting a interdistrict travel permit letter from Tamparuli police.

"Vehicles cannot pass through the village since there is no road, so I had to park at Gunung Emas and walk 14 kilometres for six hours to reach their house," he added.

Donations can be channelled to the CIMB Bank account of the victim's brother, Jhony Kumin (7052991804) or delivered directly to his house in Kampung Tiong Ratau.

Those who wish to donate can also contact Jhony at 01159002304.


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