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Five prison officers acquitted, five others receive reduced charges

27 October 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Five prison officers who were remanded under Section 302 of the Penal Code which brings with it the death penalty were acquitted charges on five others was reduced to Section 304A.

Those acquitted were Inspector 22265 Mohd Dzulfikri bin Mohd Safri, Sergeant 14625 Ab Mutalib @ Talib bin Ab Rasul, Corporal 18732 Zerry bin Maidin, Warder 21499 Barry Jipmon and Warder 23557 Shahryll Nazry bin Wan Sofian.

Sergeant 12240 Farizan bin Mokri, Corporal 18864 Tomy bin Momoh, Corporal 17617 Mohd Saiful bin Saidin, Warder 21353 Amran Yasik and Corporal 19242 Muhammad Fazi bin Lakiu

saw their charges reduced to Section 304A.

A fine of RM1500 was imposed on each of them, with failure to pay the fine to result in one-month imprisonment.

All five prison officers charged under Section 304A have paid their fines, and subsequently, released them from further legal proceedings.

The ruling was delivered by Judge Datuk Christopher Chin Soo Yin.


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