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25 DIS 2020

TAMBUNAN: The appointment of five women as Tambunan District Councillors signals the government’s commitment to involve more women in its administration at all levels.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said these appointments however should not be viewed merely as fulfilling the 30% quota for women.

“They are qualified individuals and fully merited their appointment as the councillors for the district of Tambunan.

“I am confident their extensive experience in various fields would help towards elevating the status of the district council,” he said in his speech after witnessing the Oath Taking Ceremony at the Tambunan District Council office here on Thursday.

The five women were Julita Ajun, Helen James, Paula @ Paulina Domian @ Andoi, Bibi @ Idah Ariffin and Mariani Asri.

The rest appointed were Dato Peter Kuling, Jewin @ Patrick Paunil, Yusip Alexius Kiob, Justin Yonsiding, Christopher Podtung, Hussein Hassan, Wilfreddoline Jochim Jakil, James Liew Tze Yun, Sammy Martin, Julius Peter, Geoffrey Yong and Terence Yong.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey who is also the Tambunan assemblyman, urged the new councillors to work together and aspire to make the district the best district council in the country.

“It may be too much to ask but it is better to aim high. We want everybody to take notice of Tambunan. This used to be a bamboo district and we should be proud of this identity,” he said.

The Agriculture and Fisheries Minister reminded the councillors that in the past, Tambunan used to have a bamboo factory, thanks to the abundance of the raw material in the district.

Unfortunately, due to overpricing of the raw material, the factory was forced to shutdown.

“I believe we could revive this industry. This time we need to ensure we have a sustainable and continuous supply by dedicating an area for bamboo plantation. Of course, other plants such as herbs can also be planted on this plantation for diversification purposes,” he said.

He also proposed the construction of 4,000 steps of Tukad Sinurambi, the district viewing point situated on Trig Hill about 9km from the Tambunan town.

The Tukad Sinurambi, he said will transform this unique giant handicraft viewing structure into a functioning iconic tourism product.

“It could help attract visitors who want to challenge themselves while at the same time, get to know the culture and history of Tambunan and its people,” he concluded.


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