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Kadamaian Mini Carnival a success

23 Sept 2023


KOTA BELUD: The Hawkers and Small Traders Day Mini Carnival (MKHPPK) organised by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) held at Kadamaian Square Taginambur for two days is deemed a success.

The event which saw tremendous participations from vendors were visited by hundreds of shoppers .

The carnival reached its target of supporting traders, particularly in the Kadamaian area, in promoting their agricultural produce and business products while enhancing their business activities.

It's Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick said such programmes provide the public with valuable opportunities to access up-to-date information on financing funds, intervention programs, and training offered by agencies under MEDAC.

Ewon visiting vendors at the tamu.

"The 2023 HPPK Mini Carnival demonstrates the MADANI Government's commitment and appreciation for the hawker and small business community's contributions and support throughout the country, especially in Sabah, in the context of Small and Medium Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) and their impact on the national economy's growth."

The Mini Carnival marked the beginning of the National Level HPPK 2023 celebrations, which will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on November 18 in Penampang," he stated.

Ewon, who is also Kadamaian State Assemblyman shared that selecting Tamu Kadamaian as the event's location aligned with the aim of recognising the significant contributions made by the local community in Kadamaian.

Through the MKHPPK, traders and small business owners gained access to valuable resources, including information on financing options and training programmes, he said adding that this empowered them to enhance their business skills, improve productivity, and explore new opportunities for growth.

By equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and support, MEDAC aimed to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for small businesses, which form the backbone of the national economy.

The mini carnival served as a platform for disseminating information about various government initiatives and intervention programms aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises.

Through the presence of agencies under the Ministry, attendees learnt about the available resources, grants, and incentives that could help them overcome challenges and strengthen their businesses.

By facilitating direct interaction between government agencies and entrepreneurs, the event fostered collaboration and promoted a conducive environment for business development.

The significance of the 2023 Mini Carnival of Hawkers and Small Traders Day extends beyond the local context.

Empowering small traders and entrepreneurs, could contribute to economic growth and create opportunities for sustainable development.-ends


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