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Kadamaian UPKO Harvest Festival a success

Jolyhame together with one of the judges.

3 May 2024


KOTA BELUD: The United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Harvest Festival Unduk Ngadau search for the Kadamaian Representative was a tremendous success despite it being low-key.

Jolyhame Saran, the event's organiser, said the event was specifically dedicated to finding a deserving candidate to represent the Kadamaian Constituency during the State Level UPKO Harvest Festival Celebration to take place in Kuala Penyu on May 11th and 12th.

He said he was pleased with the turn-out as seven young ladies had come forward to be crowned the Unduk Ngadau Kadamain for the grand event.

During the event the crown went to Pressienora Navera Johnny aged 20, a student who wished to be a teacher. The girl who stands at five feet two inches shared that she loves sports. She went home with RM1500 to assist with her expenses when representing Kadamaian at the UPKO State Level event.

“I am very impressed with the turn-out as today is a working day and most will be at work. I believe some of the contestants also couldn’t make it due to it being a weekday,” he said.

He was delighted to witness the exciting lucky draw organised by Nabalu News, an online portal, for the event attendees.

Pressienora Navera

Nabalu News cleverly promoted the lucky draw as a communal game, allowing participants to join without having to purchase a ticket. Instead, all they had to do was follow and like social media postings featuring Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Kadamaian Member of Parliament and Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative.

The general merriment during the lucky draw was palpable as the attendees who acquired the lucky draw chit gathered to listen to their names being called.

"The turnout is truly encouraging, especially considering that this is just a low-key event for the Unduk Ngadau search," Jollyhame expressed with enthusiasm. He further expressed his hope for the event to become an annual tradition, with each subsequent year being grander in scale.

The festivities will extend beyond their initial dates. On May 16th and 17th, the community will be further engaged and delighted. The 16th will commence with a grand launch event led by the Kadamaian State Assemblyman known as the Cooperative Community Enhancement Programme.

The following day will feature a singing competition showcasing the talents of participants, highlighting the community's diverse talent. Additionally, a Tug of War contest will add a friendly competitive element, with teams vying for victory.

Health checks will also be available to ensure the well-being of all participants, underscoring the organizers' commitment to community health and welfare.

The Ka'amatan Madani Kg. Piasau 2024 programme serves a deeper purpose by promoting cooperative and cultural values, particularly among the younger generation, to foster unity and community strength. Targeted at residents around Kg. Piasau and Kota Belud, this celebration is expected to draw around 1000 participants, uniting the community in cultural pride.


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