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1 May 2021 By Wartawan Nabalu News KOTA BELUD: Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick has allocated RM10,000 for a road construction project leading to Kg Melangkap Neriou cemetery. Reiterating his vow, he said this is among his efforts to continue providing for the people of Kadamaian and the development of his constituency. The Kadamaian constituents will continue to be his main priority, he added, albeit serving from the position bloc now. “Political differences is not a barrier for us to continue to help the people, because the people have entrusted me with the responsibility to look after Kadamaian. "Therefore, we will work with various parties, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to ensure that the needs of the people can be met," he said after inspecting the newly completed Kg Melangkap Neriou cemetery, before having lunch with the villagers who participated in the gotong-royong programme for the road construction. Back in September 2020, he inspected the condition of the cemetery road and agreed to provide allocation for the road construction when villagers applied for it. Meanwhile, residents of Kampung Melangkap Neriou expressed gratitude to Ewon for the allocation to build a 200-metre road leading to the cemetery. The village head, KK Dumin Sinit, said they had applied for the construction of the road long ago (since the USNO government) but it was never approved. “The government and elected representatives of Kadamaian kept changing but our application was never considered until Datuk Ewon took over. “Although he (Ewon) is no longer in the government, he still fulfilled his promises in the last election. “Usually, election promises for some elected representatives cannot be trusted because they are just empty promises but he is not like them. “When he was the Minister of Rural Development in just two years period, there were a lot of developments in this village such as the construction of open halls, upgrading of village roads and repairs of handicraft workshops,” he said.

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