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Kg Melangkap Noriou, a thriving scenic hill village

Jackson (left) with Ewon.

6 october 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Kampung Melangkap Noriou, is a village located Kota Belud under Kadamaian Constituency in Sabah. It is a village under Melangkap which constitutes four villages. Noruyou is situated along the side of a hill, which previously made it fairly isolated from other areas.

The residents of Kg Melangkap Noriou were primarily farmers who relied on the land for their sustenance.

Its community leader, United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Branch head Jackson Yadip, 50, shares at that time the people of Kg Melangkap Noriou were predominantly engaged in farming activities, with hill paddy (rice) being one of their main crops.

They also relied on farm produce such as fruits, vegetables and other resources from the surrounding forests. Agriculture played a crucial role in their livelihoods and provided the necessary sustenance for the community.

Concrete village road.

“However, without a good road it was difficult to bring such produces to sell in tamu market,” he shares adding that the village has undergone a transformation over the years with one significant factor being the presence of a road leading into their village.

“The concrete road has improved the villagers' lives by providing them with better opportunities for economic activities and the approximately 400 villagers of Kg Melangkap Noriou now have easier access to town.

This improved connectivity enables them to transport and sell their farm produce, such as fruits and vegetables, more conveniently, to market, which previously, has been challenging for the villagers to bring their products to market, thus hindering their economic endeavours.

The presence of the road not only facilitates economic activities but also have broader impacts on the well-being of the villagers, such as improved access to essential services, including healthcare and education, as well as increased social interaction and cultural exchange with neighbouring areas.

Concrete road going up the village on the hill.

Jackson notes that the children there attend a school sited at Kg Melangkap Tiong and as such connecting roads among the villages are considerably useful.

According to Jackson, their State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick who is also UPKO President, has allocated funds to construct a shelter at the cemetery. This shelter is of great benefit to those involved in burial and maintenance activities, as well as visitors who come to clean the undergrowth. The resting house provides a refuge during hot or rainy days, allowing individuals to take a break and seek comfort. Additionally, it serves as a resting place for gravediggers, offering them a space to rest and enjoy refreshments when necessary.

A road to the cemetery has also been constructed making it easy for the people to visit the burial ground.

“He also cares about our well-being in every way as he has funded the construction of a open community hall. This hall serves multiple purposes, including providing a space for the villagers to engage in healthy exercises such as sepak takraw and badminton."

Jackson expresses his deep appreciation for Ewon's significant contributions to their small village, acknowledging his unwavering attention and diverse support for those in need.

He shares that his village didn't attract much attention in the past where development is concerned.

"It was only when Ewon became our Assemblyman that we got what we applied for," he said.

Ewon's commitment to the welfare of the less fortunate and the sick has been exemplary. Whenever he visits, he ensures that food baskets are distributed and provides financial assistance for essential purchases.

As an Assemblyman, Ewon demonstrates a genuine concern for his constituents, actively listening to their grievances and engaging in open and empathetic conversations, Jackson says adding that his approachability and attentiveness make him an effective advocate for the people in the area.

“We don’t lack of anything but we do need a better gravity water supply catchment with better pipes,” he shares, adding that wear and tear has impacted on the pipes tremendously.

Jackson says Kg Melangkap Noriyou is a thriving village now and he is happy with all the progress the village has gone through since Ewon, who is also Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, became their State Assemblyman.

He opines that Ewon is responsive to the needs and concerns of the villages and listens to their comments. He is dedicated to serving his constituents, working towards the betterment of the community. -ends


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