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Kg Pinolobu poised on developments through cooperative endeavours

The village road.

3 October 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Village cooperatives play a significant role in the development and revenue generation of rural communities.

Kg Pinolobu in Kota Belud under Kadamaian Constituency is one such village that is poised towards this endeavour.

The Village Security and Development Chairman, Jalni Mison, 45, shares that this village of 1089 population in 236 households is interested in becoming more than just a serene rural community.

"We currently have 106 active cooperative members who are involved in tourism products and retail," he enthusiastically shares.

Jalni Minson

According to him, the majority of the villagers are rubber tappers who also earn additional income by selling fruits from their orchards periodically.

They also engage in poultry and vegetable farming to supplement their income, which helps sustain their daily lives.

They sell their village produce in town and at the famous weekly "tamu" in Taginambur.

"However, we are determined to move forward and expand beyond our existing practices through the cooperative," Jalni adds with enthusiasm.

He further explains that village cooperatives play a crucial role in promoting economic development by creating income-generating opportunities for rural residents.

Ewon (3rd right) during a village survey.

"In our case, the income-generating activities revolve around retail, which is vital to have within the village. It allows us to become self-sustaining, reducing the need to constantly travel outside for our daily necessities. Those involved in retail, such as grocery stores and basic household goods, can earn income while contributing to the cooperative."

"Other members are engaged in tourism-related activities, offering nature walks, hiking, and other points of interest. We even have a swimming pool where visitors can relax and take a dip. These are under Maranggoi Eco-tourism."

He highlights the advantage of having Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development, as their Assemblyman, as it provides them with better understanding of cooperative services and facilities.

He emphasises the significant role of the Assemblyman in the village and highlights the support received from the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development.

Visit to a bee farm.

"The Minister has been incredibly supportive and accommodating, especially in providing the village with essential infrastructure," he shares.

"Throughout his tenure as our Assemblyman, he has extended help to various individuals in need. He has generously assisted the elderly, single mothers, and the sick by providing them with food baskets and personal donations."

"He has also allocated funds for the development of our village, including the construction of village roads and the establishment of an entrepreneurial center, which cost RM60K."

Jalni further adds that Ewon has contributed funds to the local church and primary school, demonstrating his commitment to the community's well-being and development.

"I am confident that he will continue to serve as our Assemblyman for a long time to come, as he embodies all the qualities of a dedicated representative for the people," Jalni emphasises.

As for his village, he expresses his hope that the cooperative will be inaugurated by the Minister in the near future, which will serve as a great source of motivation for all members.

"With these developments, we are determined to transform our village into a beautiful park-like environment. We plan to plant decorative plants in available spaces and create appealing landscaping around our homes and along the roads," he explains.

This initiative reflects Jalni's commitment to improving the aesthetics of the village and creating a pleasant living environment for everyone.

With enthusiasm from the JKKK Chairman and the Assemblyman's dedication in serving the constituents, Kg Pinolobu may soon be dubbed as the place to visit in this part of Kadamaian.


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