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Looking forward to good roads

Road user, especially the residents of Kg Sayap, use this road to travel and bring their farm products to sell their wares in the market.

20 Sep. 2023


In the olden days, when there were no roads, people in hilly terrains had to face a challenging journey when they wished to go to market to sell their wares.

In the case of Kg Sayap, Kota Belud, back in the day, the people had to travel for two days to the market, staying overnight along the way.

According to Amilda Taising, 46, she was told by the elderly in the village about the challenges when the village had no road access and faced remarkable difficulties when it came to selling their wares.


“As we progress, the road to our village was established, but it had not been asphalted. Sometimes the Public Works Department would come and scrap the road and level it, strewing gravels, but then the road would deteriorate again after some time,” she shared.

She said the bad road conditions caused difficulties for the residents there with one incident where her mother gave birth to her younger sister while in a moving vehicle, that was transporting her to a destination.

“the vehicle was bumped around so much that she gave birth there and then. I believe she wasn’t the only ‘victim’ of such a bumpy ride.”

A wooden bridge connecting the people of Kg Sayap to other places in Kadamaian.

She was very happy when informed about the construction of a road that would connect them to an asphalted thoroughfare.

“With the construction of the road, we will be able to transport goods, access markets and resources very efficiently. Our family and friends outside of the village and district will be able to visit us without thinking twice about the travel’s impact on their vehicles,” she says.

Jesmon Yamin, 37, Secretary of the Kg Sayap Youth Club agreed saying that in the past people whose vehicles weren't wheel drives had difficulties accessing the village.

“This was especially true during rainy days when these vehicles were parked along the road as they couldn’t proceed further. With the new road, we will have better social and emergency connectivity.”

Jesmon overlooking the road at Kg Sayap.

“Connectivity plays a role in supporting agricultural activities and improving the livelihoods of farmers where they will allow people from outside the district to buy their wares.”

The village also had several homestay and tourism spots that needed good roads for tourists to come in and of course to serve them in their needs including emergency situations.

“We are grateful to our State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick who had been unwavering in his support for us, and helping us with our infrastructures, including the road,” he stressed.

A part of the road that serves Kg Kiau Toburi, Kg Kiau Nulu, and Kg Kiau Bersatu had always been problematic, as it kept on settling and sinking. It was a hazard for travellers who used that to go back and forth to their respective villages.

In 2018, the allocation for the repair and improvement of the stretch of road was approved. At that time, the State Assemblyman was Datuk Ewon Benedick.


Joloois Simbin, 64, of Kg Kiau Toburi, said the road repair was currently at 50 percent and could be completed by next year.

“With the repair of the road, we will have a more comfortable drive home in our respective vehicles,” he said adding that he was grateful to Ewon for his concern and concern for the villagers there.

“He has the true quality of a compassionate leader,” he stressed.

Rayner Yukim, 49, Kg Kiau Nulu’s Chairman of the Village Security and Development Committee, echoed Joloois, saying that he was looking forward to the completion of the problematic stretch so that vehicles didn’t go through unnecessary stress when passing through.


There were many homestays and tourism spots in Kg Kaiu Nulu and as such the completion of the road would enable their tourists to travel safely and comfortably through that stretch.

Jushim Dalanso, 61, of Kg Kiau Bersatu said the road didn’t affect his village directly but agreed that it was important for it to be completed to ensure safe journeys for road users.


All of these three community Leaders agreed that the road needed to be repaired and upgraded. They appreciated their State Assemblyman for all his efforts to ensure development in his constituency.

They all believed that good roads enable them to connect with neighbouring communities, schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential services, as well as destinations outside of the district.


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