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Mini Carnival lauded by residents

Lengguhim (in the middle) and Kontiom (on the left) are selling fruits at their stalls in Taginambur.

19 Sept 2023


KOTA BELUD: The inaugural Mini Carnival for Hawkers and Small Traders (HPPK) to be held at Dewan Kadamaian Square is lauded by residents in that area.

Lengguhim Radin, a resident of Taginambur, was looking forward to the upcoming carnival.

"I used to sell vegetable but I took a break for some time. However, I do have fruit trees, so I plan to gather the fruits and sell them during the carnival," she shared.

Lengguhim mentioned that she might also continue selling vegetables, after the carnival, complementing them with the fruits from her orchards.

"I fully support and embrace the idea of organising the carnival. It's a wonderful initiative that will encourage people like me to get involved," she stated.

She also praised Datuk Ewon Benedict, the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC), for his efforts in organising the event.

"In my opinion, he is the most exceptional Assemblyman Kadamaian has ever had. He is genuinely helpful and always keeps the well-being of the people in mind," she added.


Suinah Gusuk, a vegetable seller at Taginambur Tamu and resident of Kadamaian, agreed.

She commended the Minister for his dedication to assisting the people and his humble demeanour, which earned him the admiration of his constituents.

"I have no doubt that the carnival will be a resounding success, and the community will wholeheartedly support all of his endeavours," she said.

Suinah also expressed her desire to meet the Minister in person one day and shake his hand.

Kontiom Gobik a resident of Kg Tiong Tambarawon, expressed her appreciation for the carnival, stating that it was an excellent idea for people like her who owned orchards with a variety of fruits such as Durian, jackfruits, and langium (langsat), among others.


However, she pointed out the challenge of selling their produce due to the lack of a dedicated selling space.

"We face difficulties in finding a suitable place to sell our fruits," she explained.

Kontiom expressed gratitude for the carnival as it would provide a venue for them to sell their goods.

"We are grateful for the carnival because it will serve as a platform for us to showcase and sell our produce," she remarked.

She also suggested that similar events be held in other locations as well, to provide opportunities for farmers and orchard owners to sell their goods effectively.

Dewan Kadamaian Square, where the Mini Carnival for Hawkers and Small Traders (HPPK) will take place..

She thanked Ewon for his efforts and contribution to his constituents.

Johnny Gilong, a resident of Kg Tombilaung Taginambur, strongly believed that the carnival, which was the brainchild of the State Assemblyman, was an excellent idea.

"During the carnival, visitors will have the opportunity to see and purchase a wide range of vegetables and other farm products," he shared.

Johnny emphasised the importance of supporting the event, as it benefitted the community as a whole, both within and outside the district.


"I am confident that the carnival will be a resounding success, especially with the inclusion of a night market," he expressed enthusiastically

"The carnival provides an avenue for farmers to connect with consumers, expand their market reach, learn from others in the industry, and promote their products."

He commended the Assemblyman for his relentless efforts in improving the lives of the people in various aspects, showcasing his dedication to their welfare.

For Amilda Taising of Kg Sayap, the carnival was a good idea but she would not be participating at that time.


"I will participate in the next one where I most probably will sell durians and other fruits from my orchard," she said.

The inaugural Mini Carnival for Hawkers and Small Traders (HPPK) was organised by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC).

It would be held at Dewan Kadamaian Square on 21 and 22 September, and aimed to attract visitors and revelers to the event to ensure its success.

The MEDAC Minister who's also the Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedict stated that to enliven the celebration, various interesting activities, including performances by artists, have been arranged, as well as karaoke contests and lucky draws with attractive prizes up for grabs

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