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25 JAN 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: The old site and building of RTM, Wisma Radio Sabah at Jalan Tuaran should be handed back to the state government.

This was stated by the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor during a courtesy call by the Radio Sabah Alumni Association at his office at the State Government Administrative Centre (PPNS) here, today.

The visit was led by RASA President Datuk Gan Po Tiau who was accompanied by his Secretary-General Haji Effendi Sunoh, Treasurer Rahim Kahar and Media Coordinator Salim Ibrahim.

Among the matters discussed during the visit were related to the State Government's takeover of the old RTM Sabah site and building which still stands on a hillside next to a building under construction belonging to the Sabah Branch National Audit Department.

According to Gan, Wisma Radio Sabah still remains on the site on the RASA initiative in 2016, when the entire site was handed over to the National Audit Department by the Federal Government.

"The chief minister welcomed the recommendation and expressed support that the site should be handed back to the State Government as it has already been declared a" State Cultural Treasury "in 2017 on the recommendation submitted by the Sabah State Ministry of Culture, Culture and Environment (KePKAS)," he said.

Gan said, during the meeting, RASA also reiterated its intention and willingness to cooperate with the State Government, especially with KePKAS, for the maintenance and conservation work of Wisma Radio Sabah to convert it into a museum or broadcast gallery.

"At the same time, we can also build a monument at the site to commemorate the participation of Sabah in the formation of the Federation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963.

"This is because Wisma Radio Sabah is the secretariat for the Cobbold Commission which met and convened at the building in February 1962", he explained.

Gan said RASA thanked Hajiji for expressing support for the association's struggle and its concern over issues raised, including economic issues, security and state development, particularly the Direction Policy; Sabah Maju Jaya.

"We as citizens who want continuous progress and prosperity, fully support the Sabah State Five Year Five Development Plan: Direction; Sabah Maju Jaya, inspired by Hajiji.

"We see the seriousness and commitment on the part of the Chief Minister who wants to bring the state to the pinnacle of success and faster progress in the future in accordance with a holistic development plan covering various key sectors of the state, such as agriculture, tourism and industry, and infrastructure development without neglecting environmental sustainability ", he said.

RASA is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 2015 with members from the retirees of the Malaysia Broadcasting Department (RTM) Sabah and those who have worked at RTM Sabah in various capacities.

RASA also invited Hajiji as a member and caster. For the record, Hajiji used to work as a broadcaster at RTM Sabah in the 70's era.


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