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Penampang countdown into a Municipality starts today

Joachim (right) giving the thumbs up after the launch.

2 January 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: The countdown to the upgrade of Penampang District Council to Penampang Municipal Council started today.

The deputy Chief minister II and Minister of Local Government and Housing, Datuk Seri Dr. Joachim Gunsalam, launched the countdown at the Penampang District Council building, to March 30th and by April Penampang should be a full municipality.

According to Dr. Joachim, the transition period towards becoming a Municipal Council is important to ensure that administrative changes and service delivery can be fully implemented in line with the upcoming upgrade.

“The appointed members of the Council serve as representatives of the Penampang district community, play an important role in carrying out their duties. They are not only responsible for delivering information from the community, but also representing the Local Authorities (PBT) in providing enlightenment and information on any actions and policies implemented by local authorities. Through their role, they are able to ensure that the needs and interests of the community are well represented in every decision and action taken by the Council,” he stressed.

In line with the recognition that will be given, Dr. Joachim hopes that the Penampang District Council will implement efficient and highly-integrated governance, be efficient and effective in carrying out assigned tasks, adopt a digital approach to service delivery processes to facilitate stakeholder interactions, focus on developing the economy and seeking new sources of revenue, and implement sustainable financial management.

Dr. Joachim emphasised that these factors are crucial for driving the development of a Municipal Council. He acknowledged that managing a Municipal Council is a challenging task, especially in an active district like Penampang. However, to become a sustainable and progressive Municipal Council, the council's staff must adopt a paradigm shift in delivering the best services.

“When transitioning to a municipality, it is crucial to upgrade the services provided to the community, such as grass cutting and ditch cleaning, among others. This ensures that the services are in line with the upgraded status. It is important to synchronise the announcement of fees with the provision of services. It is advisable not to announce fees before carrying out the necessary works. This approach ensures that the community receives the expected services and avoids any discrepancies between the announced fees and the actual services provided.”

By prioritising the upgrade of services alongside the transition, the municipality can effectively meet the needs and expectations of the residents. He expressed his hope that with the cooperation and assistance of the Council Members, Community Leaders, and the employees of the Penampang District Council, District Officer Francis Chong and Executive Officer Robert Malangkig will successfully lead the Penampang District Council towards becoming the Penampang Municipal Council.

He congratulated Francis Chong and Robert Malangkig, for successfully leading the Penampang District Council and obtaining approval for the upgrade to the Penampang Municipal Council.

The event was attended by Assistant Minister I of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Sabah, Datuk Isnin Aliasnih; N.25 Kapayan State Assemblywoman, Puan Jannie Lasimbang; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Sabah, Datuk Dr. Jamili Nais; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, Datuk Norlijah Hj Danin; Members of the National Council, Senator Datuk John Ambrose and Senator Datuk Noraini Idris as well as Political Secretary Carl Mosoom, who attended on behalf of the Penampang Member of Parliament Datuk Ewon Benedick.


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