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Poverty eradication and entrepreneurship foremost in UPKO’s agenda

21 April 2024

Nabalu News Journalist

PAPAR: Poverty eradication through entrepreneurship and education is one of the United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation’s (UPKO) mission, as related by its president Datuk Ewon Benedick.

During the Prime Minister Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Sabah, poverty issue in Sabah was one of the agenda being discussed in the meeting with the state government.

Ewon who is the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative said he briefed the Chief Minister, Datuk Hajiji Noor on the proposed Ehsan@KUSKOP programme by the ministry to help eradicate hardcore poverty in Sabah.

He had also informed the special meeting chaired by the Prime Minister and a meeting between the ministry and the state government to be held soon.

In the meeting, intervention on education and entrepreneurship were among five intervention that needed by the state government to resolve the hardcore poverty.

"In the past, this ministry does not take poverty eradication as core services. However, when I assumed the role of Minister in this ministry, I made it a priority to emphasize my strong desire to harness the power of entrepreneurship and education in our fight against poverty," he expressed during his visit to Marcel Gabud, a dedicated member of UPKO, at his residence in Kg Mook yesterday.

Ewon added that entrepreneurship movement, Cooperative activities and education must go hand in hand to resolve poverty.

According to him, they had formulated programmes based on this vision and discussed them in meetings. These programmes will be UPKO's contribution to the people, as he believes that without UPKO's support, he wouldn't have been able to attain a position in that Ministry.

The poverty agenda was discussed during the UPKO Convention and its congress as well as in the Supreme Council Meeting, he stated.

On job opportunities, he said after he became MEDC Minister, he firmly asserted that he wanted all stalls and weekly traditional markets in villages and micro business establishment to be improved, especially in the rural areas.

“I offer my leadership to become part of the solution to such programmes and it is with that in mind that I brought in the 2023 National Level Hawkers and Small Traders Day Carnival (HPPK2023) to Penampang and the Prime Minister Datuk Anwar Ibrahim came to grace the function,” he said.

He said the Prime Minister has approved RM20 million allocation for Tamu Desa project by the ministry to upgrade and build new hawkers stall in the rural areas.

During the event he received 58 membership application to join UPKO from the Kinarut area. Also present during the event were Tan Sri Bernad Dompok, UPKO founder and Datuk Gibert Sham, Papar UPKO Division chief as well as party stalwarts and members.


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