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Provide allocations for water department to resolve water shortage issue - DAP

8 April 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Democratic Action Party (DAP) leaders raised questions about the frequent shortage of water supply in the greater Kota Kinabalu area.

This was stated in a joint statement by Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin, Luyang State Assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe and Likas State Assemblyman Tan Lee Fatt.

"We've been receiving complaints of low water pressure and also a shortage of water supply within our constituencies, what is the reason behind these incidents?" asked Chan.

He added that, the State Water Department responded that this was mainly due to one of the major pipelines remained disconnected after it was broken in Likas.

"Before this, there were two pipelines supplying water to Likas and Kota Kinabalu area.

"However, due to a broken pipe in Likas, we now can only supply water to the entire Kota Kinabalu area through only one pipeline.

"This is also the main reason why some households and areas are experiencing low water pressure," he stated.

Meanwhile, Likas State Assemblyman Tan Lee Fatt also urged the relevant authorities to speed up the rectification work to reduce such issues from happening frequently.

"I urge the relevant authorities to approve allocations for the rectification work swiftly.

"Water is an important necessity for every household on a daily basis, the rectification must be done as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary inconvenience.

"This is a severe issue and it does not only affect Likas but the entire greater Kota Kinabalu water supply, they must act swiftly," he asserted.

Luyang State Assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe also asked whether there are short term and long term plans to resolve the concerning water supply shortage issue.

"Is there any plans from the Water Department or related ministries on how to resolve and tackle the shortage of water supply issue in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah?

Water Department stated that upgrading work and new projects are undergoing to increase the water supply.

"We're undergoing upgrading work on current facilities and we have plans to increase more water supply for the entire Kota Kinabalu area and Sabah,"

"We understand the urgency and we are trying to expedite these important projects," he said.

DAP Kota Kinabalu elected representatives paid a courtesy visit to new KK Waterworks District Engineer, Doddy Anthony on Wednesday.

MP Kota Kinabalu Chan Foong Hin, Luyang State Assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe and Likas State Assemblyman Tan Lee Fatt were present at the meeting.


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