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Syed Saddiq pleads PH not to work with Malacca ‘traitors’

3 Nov 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KUALA LUMPUR: President of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has begged Pakatan Harapan (PH) not to work with the four ‘traitors’ that have caused the collapse of the Malacca State Government.

In an open letter, he said while he wanted PH to win in the state polls scheduled for Nov 20, he felt that the coalition seemingly preferred to negotiate with unprincipled party hoppers than its close and loyal allies.

“I want Pakatan Harapan to win in Melaka. I defended the people's mandate together with PH when my ex-party betrayed the rakyat. I did not join, nor have I ever signed up to be with Perikatan Nasional since Day. I lost a ministerial post to defend our shared principles.

“I was expelled from the first party i ever joined, the same party which i co-founded. I supported the idea of a United Opposition, and I signed a Statutory Declaration for Datuk

Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be named Prime Minister in the spirit of GE14. I even got threatened & charged in court for defending the people's mandate.

“Despite all that we have endured together, it seems that the PH coalition who I've worked

with closely prefer to negotiate with unprincipled party hoppers than their close & loyal allies, like myself,” he said.

This came after PH chairman Anwar was reported that the coalition has almost decided on welcoming two former Umno state assemblymen.

According to Syed Saddiq, PH should never collude with them and ‘join a band of thieves as he believes that once they betrayed the people's mandate and choose power, there is no reason why they will not repeat the same act.

“Never put us in the same room as traitors. Our supporters deserve better than that. The people deserve better than that.

“If we do this, we will be just as unprincipled as those we seek to fight. How are going to champion the Anti-hopping bill when we are equally guilty of the same? How are we going to punish those who engineered The Sheraton move when we are supporting the same?

“We have a moral duty to work together in good faith, by assembling a group of passionate,

hardworking, and honest members of the opposition. Is there any need to suddenly join hands with the traitors? Are we lacking in numbers to get better, fresh candidates? I sincerely believe that the opposition block is much bigger than the shadows of those four traitors.”

Syed Saddiq also reasoned that the assemblyman betrayed PH before for their own personal agenda, such as Sungai Udang assemblyman Datuk Seri Idris Haron who jumped from UMNO to PH just to be named as a potential Chief Minister.

“We can already see where his heart is at from the start. Not for Melaka, not for the people and especially not for PH. There was even a leaked conversation where Idris Haron hinted that he is okay with UMNO and Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, just not a select few.

“So, what makes anyone think that after all of that, there's even an ounce of loyalty and

credibility from these four traitors?” he asserted.

Syed Saddiq also mentioned another reason to reject these assemblymen that they have caused the collapse of the state government twice and will not hesitate to do it again.

“To my PH friends, I urge you to please make the right decision. Focus on building our United Opposition. Focus on the people.”


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