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Teachers and PTAs thank Minister and YBR for financial donation

19 Mac 2024

PENAMPANG: Financial donations to schools can have several benefits and a significant impact on education.

Financial donations by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDC) headed by it's Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick through Yayasan Bank Rakyat (YBR) represented by it's chairman Datuk Philip Lasimbang will enable schools to acquire additional resources such as educational materials to enhance the learning experience of students.

One of the recipient is SMK St Michael School represented by it's Headmistress Jennifer Asing.

"We are very grateful to the Minister and YBR for presenting us with this financial assistance," she said adding that it meant a great deal to them.

"We will use the money prudently, where it will go towards all the needs of the school and students,"she stated.

The financial donations will play a crucial role in ensuring a better learning environment for pupils in SK Babagon Penampang.

Headmaster Lawrence George explained that the funds would be deposited into the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) account to address the various needs of the school and its students.

"As a rural school, we greatly appreciate this assistance, and we hope that this programme will be sustained in the future," he remarked.

George expressed gratitude to Datuk Ewon Benedick for his care and backing of the education sector in Penampang.

The Headmaster of SK Buayan, Lazim Gudau, echoed Lawrence's sentiments, expressing deep appreciation for the RM5,000 donation.

"As a rural school situated in a remote area, this financial assistance is invaluable to us. It will greatly benefit us, particularly when we need to travel for educational purposes," he emphasised.

Lazim extended his gratitude to Datuk Ewon Benedick for his commitment to prioritising education and expressed optimism for its continued support.

Patricia Mosinoh, the PTA President of SMK Bahang, conveyed her appreciation to Ewon for prioritizing education.

"We are grateful for the RM20,000 donation, which has been divided equally between the main school and our special needs pupils," she shared.

"We will prudently allocate these funds to benefit our students and the school community as a whole," she remarked, expressing her hope for continued support in the future.

Latifah Michael, the Headmistress of Sk. Kibabaig Special Education, expresses her gratitude for the donation, emphasising its potential to enhance the quality of education for students.

"We are thankful for the donation, as it will greatly contribute to improving the educational experience for our 80 special needs pupils, who require additional support and assistance in their educational endeavours."

In today's programme, over 30 primary and secondary schools received assistance, with a particular focus on providing additional support to schools that have special needs classes.


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