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The quicksand around us

Rafidah Aziz

7 Ogos 2021

A major contributor to the depressing state of affairs that we are witnessing now, is the Incompetence of those, who have installed themselves, as the Government of the day.

It is a Government that was not formed with the People's Express Mandate, through the Electoral Process ..but rather, as the World knows, through " attachments of Convenience, and self-serving Agendas".. or as is often referred to as the Backdoor Government. We know the narrative.

It's legitimacy is not accepted by the majority of the people, and it was "constituted", through transactional politics, characterised by horse trading, and "Rewards for Support/Votes in Parliament".

The Government barged in, with no manifesto on Governing, and Policies for The Country.

In short, it is all "an Afterthought " exercise in trying to govern".

It has clearly been proven, that the "Political Emergency" that was Proclaimed had nothing to do with Covid.

It was merely an effort to avoid reconvening Parliament, and therefore avoiding parliamentary scrutiny, of public expenditure, and whatever policy measures put in matter how haphazard and ineffective they are.

Transparency and Responsible, Good Governance has been replaced by an almost dictatorial approach to managing and Governance.

The public has been subjected to Incoherent Policy Measures, which has brought on more distress, and problems than Solutions.

I do not need to elaborate.

Parliament..the people's chambers..has been sidestepped.

The public especially those directly impacted by the ineffective, flip flop measures and incoherent lockdowns, can testify to the depressed situation they have been forced into.

It feels like the country is in quicksand!

But, all that does not make Malaysia a failed state!

It is about a failed government..which continue to be characterised by amongst other things..

Doing what it takes , by hook or by crook to hang on to power.

Blundering along, rudderless, and in some cases , clueless, in trying to manage the Covid

pandemic, while struggling to handle the economy.

The endless political infighting, reflecting the fragility of the "attachments"

The reluctance to reconvene parliament, for fear of Votes of no confidence...and fear of being raised. Questions on various Issues that are of concern to the people.

The detachment of the bloated cabinet, to the realities on the ground, and the inability to assign tasks to the many Ministers and Deputy that they can justify their appointments, and the use of public funds to maintain them in their posts.

Eg: To do grassroots monitoring of policy implementation, getting grassroots feedback, and for the two Deputy Health Ministers, to monitor the Vaccination Programmes specifically to identify shortcomings and problems.

Now we have two advisors on health issues!!

Of course, the political frog trading and chameleon colour changing, has begun.

It is only about political power..about grabbing at whatever straws, doing what it hook or by crook! (especially to fish for frogs in the pond!)

The Nation seems to be on autopilot!!

No one in the "Government" is seriously attending to the serious issues at hand, beyond sanctimonious statements and lip service!

The economy is on a slippery slope.

Socioeconomic issues, continue to plague the affected sectors of businesses, activities and people at large.

Thank goodness, we still have, in the main, an intact civil service...with the majority being good, service-oriented individuals ...who continue to keep the country going.

Of course, there will always be that aberration of politics overriding everything, and civil servants, with the best of Intentions for the people and country, being overruled, and their "Political bosses"..or in the layman's lingo.. "the powers that be".

Clearly, a serially incompetent Government is, by any measure, and evaluation, a failed government.

The Covid pandemic continues to rage. The new Delta Variant has also begun to be spreading in Malaysia.

I am sure Malaysians applaud and are deeply grateful to all our healthcare officials, practitioners, and frontliners, who have the very heavy task of battling, and managing the continuously evolving Covid pandemic.

Politics must never be allowed to supercede, and even negate their tireless good work .

Even in the worst of times and situations, a competent, well-grounded, and responsible Government, will get the nation through the difficulties.. any difficulty, for that matter!

Malaysia and the people deserve better than the failed backdoor government.

May the almighty save us and our country.

Sejahtera Malaysia kita.

Rafidah Aziz

Former Federal Minister

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