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TUBE Alumni gets RM30k for Management and Promotion

15 June 2024


PENAMPANG: It was a joyous day for the TUBE Sabah Alumni Association when they were granted RM30,000 in funds by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Datuk Ewon Benedick, yesterday.

Upon receiving the funds, the association's president, Azizul Julirin, conveyed profound gratitude for the contribution, saying that the allocation would go towards management and programmes that will benefit their 800 members, statewide.

This include programmes that would enable members to acquire certification by Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (SKM), he stated, adding that since the members were from all over the state, the contribution would also go towards logistic.

"We have consistently relied on our own resources to support our programmes during our business meetings. This self-sufficiency has been a cornerstone of our approach to discussing and advancing our entrepreneurial initiatives,” he stated.

He emphasised that this financial support served as a significant boost for their entrepreneurial endeavours, representing the first instance where a minister had acknowledged them with monetary assistance.

On the association, he shared that besides the 800 members, there were 200 potential members and that would swell their membership significantly.

“I believe our association boasts the largest membership in Malaysia, making it challenging for us to convene due to the vast expanse of our state. Nevertheless, with the allocated funds, we will enhance our networking capabilities. The recognition from the Minister holds great significance, as it positions us as strategic partners in fostering entrepreneurship and empowering entrepreneurs. We now have a more prominent role in inspiring young and aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling us to actively participate as economic contributors and bolster the state's economy and the nation as a whole," he emphasised.

Azizul, a dynamic young entrepreneur hailing from Mesilau in Kundasang, Ranau, has dedicated several years to the practice of hydro-farming. In addition to his agricultural pursuits, he actively participates in the homestay programme, showcasing his commitment to sustainable farming practices and community engagement.

The members of his association are entreprenuers engaged in a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, food, services, and tourism, among others. This diverse mix of expertise and backgrounds within the group fosters a rich exchange of ideas and collaboration across various sectors, contributing to a lively entrepreneurial community.


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