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UPKO Sepanggar visits the sick in Inanam

Wong (middle) with the recipient in Kg Bantayan.

8 November 2023


KOTA KINABALU: A dedicated team from United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Sepanggar Division led by its Chief Datuk Wong Thien Fook stepped forward with their compassionate outreach programme to villages in Inanam, yesterday.

This initiative centered around distributing food baskets, which not only provided sustenance to the less fortunate but also brought a much-needed sense of reassurance and comfort. Wong went above and beyond by sharing heartfelt words, offering support, and spreading cheer to uplift spirits in the community.

According to Wong, the primary objective of the programme was to alleviate the plight of the sick and impoverished in the constituency.

He said took the food baskets were carefully curated to ensure that the target individuals and families received the necessary items to sustain themselves during difficult times. The provision of food not only met immediate needs but also served as a symbol of care and concern for the community.

Wong (right) speaking to a recipient (seated) at Kg Bantayan.

“Beyond the tangible goods, we recognise the importance of emotional support and encouragement. That is why we personally deliver the food baskets to the houses of those in need. This personal touch allows us to engage in meaningful conversations, offering not only words of reassurance but also a listening ear,” he said, adding that this was an ongoing programme where they would go to all areas within the Sepanggar division to distribute food baskets and sometimes items like wheelchair and related needs.

Among those who received the food baskets were two from Kg Pangasaan Inanam, five from Kg Bantayan-Sandangon and two from Kg Mabpai while three were from Kg Nountun Inanam.

The sick are comprised of tuberculosis sufferers, complications from strokes, old age, cancer and paralysis due to falls. All were unable to walk or work and depended on family members to move around. One recipient was a man with mental health concerns.

Wong mentioned that the programme was ongoing and they would consistently identify individuals who would benefit from visits and support, in addition to providing contributions.

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