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UPKO Women Chief to step down, making way for new leadership

10 January 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Wanita UPKO Chief Datin Juliana Jani will be stepping down from her post to make way for new leadership.

She said the new line-up had already been determined and would be made official at the party’s Triannual Meeting here on Saturday.

Juliana, who was at the helm since 2018 said even though she was relinquishing her position she would continue working for the party in her capacity as past Wanita UPKO chief and Supreme Council Member.

Among her aspirations are to see the party allow better opportunities for wanita and greater effort to fight for increase of parliamentary seats in Sabah.

“We want to accord more opportunities for our younger women to be part of the party leadership as it is very important for us to have a continuous succession of leadership among women in the party.

“At the same time, I feel it is equally important for the party to continue it’s effort to fight for an increase in parliamentary seats for Sabah. This is something we must continue to harp on until the next general election and I think new young leaders can be effective by bringing fresh new voices to this issue,” she said.

Juliana also hoped that Sabah politics would evolve to be supportive through ‘unity in diversity’ where local parliamentarians support their opposition counterparts on matters vital to the well-being of the State.

She lauded UPKO incoming president Datuk Ewon Benedick for his initiative to call on Sabahan MPs to come together in parliament on subjects beneficial to Sabah.

“He (Ewon) is a good example of this and I sincerely hope that all the other parliamentarians in Sabah can put their differences aside and unite on matters that are vital for the well-being of the State,” she said.

Juliana also hoped that UPKO’S effort to transition to a younger leadership would see women better represented in political appointments.

“It has always been a struggle for women to be better represented especially in political appointments. Although we do see more women taking up important positions there is definitely room for more improvement and I hope the younger leaders will be better heard in this area,” she said.

Towards this end Juliana thanked all members of Wanita UPKO and the party as a whole for according her the trust and belief during her tenure.

She hoped that the same tremendous support would be accorded to the new line-up.


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