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Anti-Hopping Law as part of the MoU is to end politics of frog and betrayal - DAP Sabah rebuts Junz

1 April 2022

1. In response to Junz from Warisan who accused DAP of “betrayal” for signing MoU, DAP Sabah would like to stress the necessity of having the MoU is to eliminate the politics of frog and betrayal once and for all by tabling Anti-Hopping Law in the Parliament on 11 April 2022.

2. Junz is the one who is trying to mislead the people by painting a negative image to the MoU. In fact, apart from the long-awaiting Anti-Hopping Law, the MoU is about restoring stability amid the pandemic while the people were suffering the most such as injecting 45billion into people and the domestic economy. Most importantly, it was also an opportunity for the Opposition bloc to pressure the federal government to table institutional reforms.

3. Apparently the main objective of MoU is to restore people’s confidence and rebuild the democracy of the nation. We all know Sabah has always been the victim of the political frog culture. What Junz Wong is doing now by continuing to attack DAP on MoU is totally irrelevant. Shouldn't Warisan and Junz support the MoU for institutional reforms like Anti-Hopping Law when Warisan was also the victim of political hopping?

4. The Warisan-PH government downfall was also contributed by political frogs but it seems that Warisan has not learnt their lesson as they've also been accepting political frogs nationwide from Selangor to Tawau. Is this why they are against the MoU, because they don’t think the political frog culture is one of the worst and most corrupt political cultures in Malaysia.

5. Junz must get his facts right. PH won a total 113 seats in the GE14, achieving the simple majority to form the government but in the spirit of partnership, PH included Warisan reps in the Federal Cabinet.

6. Furthermore, Junz and Warisan must not forget that the Warisan-led state government was only possible with the support from PH members, PKR, DAP and UPKO. It is arrogant to now claim that both governments were only possible because of Warisan. In the 2018 Sabah election, Warisan only won 21 seats, without the support of PH members and later on UPKO, how did they form the government?

7. I also urge the Tanjung Aru rep to stop twisting facts to accuse DAP. DAP agreed to use the common logo only after Warisan's president Shafie Apdal tried his best to convince DAP because Sabah Constitution says a single party that commands majority in state assembly would have the advantage to form the state government. At the same time Warisan President believed that it was to enhance the image of Unity and DAP agreed to that, therefore reaching a consensus to use a common logo. The spirit of partnership should not be taken for granted.

8. Now, accusing DAP of monopolizing Chinese seats simply shows how arrogant Junz and Warisan are. During seat negotiations, DAP was sacrificed by Warisan, the fact is DAP did not get any additional seats despite the entire Sabah increasing 13 seats in total. Warisan on the other hand, single-handedly contested 47 seats, it is clear who are the ones monopolising seats? When the results are not ideal, you shift the blame to your partners?

9. Not to forget, DAP contested Bingkor in 2018 and 2020, in 2018 while contesting with the DAP logo, we managed to garner 4,233 votes, we lost to STAR by less than 2% majority. However, in 2020 with Warisan's logo, it declined to 2,821 votes, losing to STAR by more than 30%. If Junz really wants to point fingers now, DAP's Bingkor seat also experienced a significant drop in the 2020 State Elections, should we blame Warisan and their logo for that? No, we will never do that in honouring our partnership.

10. DAP Sabah would like to reiterate our stance, we've been consistently calling upon all Opposition parties to unite and form an "Avengers" alliance to defeat UMNO's hegemony once again. This is in line with Shafie Apdal who has been advocating for UNITY but disappointingly, Warisan's action now has been pretty much contradictory to it. Especially when Shafie Apdal openly said that they are open to working with any coalition or parties who win the next GE. Is that mean Warisan will join UMNO-BN government if UMNO-BN win the next GE?

11. The newly minted Secretary-General of DAP, Anthony Loke has also made his remarks clear. DAP has room for cooperation, and DAP Sabah is looking forward to this positively. However, what Junz is doing is totally the opposite. So is Warisan now officially calling for ties to be cut with the Opposition?

12. Shafie Apdal and Warisan must consider their move wisely. Do we want another divided Opposition that would help UMNO to return like what happened in Johor and Melaka? Think and act for the people of Sabah, that’s why we call on Warisan to stay calm and be practical and get back on the round table to negotiate.

13. DAP has been firm and steadfast on our journey to safeguard the interest of Sabahans since 1978. For 44 years, we never wavered to fight against UMNO in Sabah. Now, we will continue to fight on and stop them from returning to Sabah and rule again. We have proven this to Sabahan for decades. Our struggle will continue even facing malicious and confrontational attack from Warisan.

DAP Sabah Chairman cum ADUN Tanjung Papat

Datuk Frankie Poon Ming Fung


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