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Mandy Nandu

3 June 2021

It is important to ensure the safety, dignity and well being of all contestants in this culturally important event and must be guaranteed by the organizing committee in future to avoid any future incident.

The alleged perpetrator has the worst reputation but still invited to be in the Organizing Committee. Money, political interest, self-appointed. Well, could be.

I stand behind the victim for her courage and bravery. KUDOS to the girl for standing her right by reporting the incident to the authority. And I strongly support her move to continue to fight for it. I hope there will be more organisations that will stand firm behind her, to defend, support, protect, and NOT condemn her.

With whatever is being circulated on social media, I sincerely hope that anyone going through what she went through during the recently said event, or anything similar, would be brave enough and have the courage to speak out. It is not easy to speak up ... And these young girls may be scared to share as they could be threatened and judged. Girls, this kind of incident should not be tolerated and should be brought to justice. Keep your chin up. Stand for your right.

Mandy Nandu

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2005

Sabah Unduk Ngadau Association