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BEEP Plus a boon to Angelle


20 March 2024

By Nabalu News Journalist

PENAMPANG: At just 26 years old, Angelle Michael exudes a wisdom and maturity that belies her age, particularly when it comes to entrepreneurship. Hailing from Kg Minintod Penampang, this petite powerhouse has been immersed in the world of graphic design and printing for the past years, immersing personally in it in 2022. The roots of her business acumen run deep, as the venture was originally established by her mother years ago and today they occupy two shoplots in Dongonggon Township, Penampang.

The company is called Angel Creative Enterprise.

Angelle's passion for her craft is palpable, her enthusiasm infectious. It comes as no shock, given that she inherited her mother's fervour for business. With each day that passes, Angel continues to carve her own path in the industry, driven by a relentless determination to succeed and a deep-seated love for what she does.

In her, there is a shining example of youthful ambition and unwavering dedication, proving that age is but a number when it comes to chasing one's dreams.

"I am grateful to have inherited the business from my mother, as the foundation was already laid. My role is to ensure the business continues to thrive," she expressed.

Angel elaborated that while she acquired knowledge of graphic design through study, she also has the support of two individuals assisting with the workload.

"Our clients have the option to provide us with their designs or request us to create designs for them," she explained. She noted that they serve a loyal clientele of approximately 100 entities and individuals, spanning government agencies and private enterprises.

The business was initiated with an initial investment of RM10,000. Despite its growth over time, challenges persist, particularly when faced with financial constraints to undertake lucrative projects secured through contracts.

Angelle proudly reflects on her journey as an entrepreneur, highlighting the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way. Through unwavering determination and perseverance, she has overcome obstacles, embodying her personal mantra of 'Never Give Up' – a quality truly commendable in the world of entrepreneurship.

As the third child among four siblings, Angelle stands out as the sole individual who chose to pursue business as her primary source of income. Emphasising the joys of being one's own boss, she passionately advocates for the freedom and fulfillment that come with entrepreneurship.

In her eyes, the autonomy and control that accompany running one's own business far surpass the experience of working for someone else. Angelle's story serves as a testament to the empowering and rewarding nature of taking charge of one's own destiny in the world of business.

Angelle, speaks like a seasoned entrepreneur when she offers valuable advice to young entrepreneurs based on her own experiences. She believes that knowing and loving the products is essential for success.

“Understanding the intricacies of your offerings allows you to effectively promote and market them to the target audience,” she said and went on to emphasise the importance of basic accounting knowledge in the business world, as it enables entrepreneurs to make informed financial decisions and manage their resources effectively.

Although Angelle is not currently a member of any cooperatives, she recognises the significant contribution they make to the growth and development of entrepreneurs.

Cooperative networks provide valuable support, resources, and collaboration opportunities that can help entrepreneurs thrive in the competitive market landscape.

Angelle's entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap forward when she became a recipient of the BEEP Plus programme. BEEP Plus is a comprehensive programme designed to enhance businesses and facilitate their growth. It offers integrated support, equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to succeed.

As part of the programme, Angelle will recieve assistance for her shop rent for a year. BEEP Plus finances 70 percent of the total cost, while she covers the remaining 30 percent.

Expressing her gratitude, Angelle thanked Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDC), for bringing BEEP Plus to Sabah and Sarawak. The programme provides entrepreneurs like her with access to grants, training programs, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enabling them to scale their businesses faster and reach a wider audience.

Angelle's journey, supported by the BEEP Plus serves as a testament to the power of comprehensive support systems in fostering entrepreneurial growth and success. With access to such resources, entrepreneurs can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and make a significant impact in their respective industries.


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