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Briefing on party machineries crucial in election preparation

Gilbert speaking during the event.

23 March 2034

By Nabalu News Journalist

PAPAR: A briefing on Party Machineries was held here recently to prepare for the elections.

United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Papar Division Chief Datuk Gilbert Sham said the briefing was carried out by Datuk Wong Thien Fook the UPKO Election Machinery chairman.

The briefing was attended by nine District Polling Centres leaders as well as polling and counting agents in Limbahau.

Held at the house of UPKO Papar Vice chief Marcellus Tambud at Kg Punson Kinarut, the briefing touched on The importance of being prepared for future state elections.

Wong(right) during the event.

"By ensuring that party members are well-informed about the party's election strategies, processes, and responsibilities, political leaders like Datuk Wong can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their election campaigns," he said.

According to him the briefings help equip party machineries with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a smooth and organised voting process.

Empowering party members with the information they need to fulfill their roles effectively is essential in building a strong and capable election machinery that can effectively represent the party's interests and engage with voters in a meaningful way, he said.

According to him, with comprehensive briefings parties can strengthen their grassroots support and increase their chances of success in future elections.


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