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Tan Lee Fatt

22 Feb 2021

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah DAP lawmaker Tan Lee Fatt has demanded a solid explanation from the government over the improper planning on school reopening, causing confusion among the public.

Lee questioned the government's move and agreed with Warisan vice president Datuk Junz Wong who claimed that the move was hasty.

He said, the public has been expressing on the internet about how they had to resort to loans just to buy gadgets for their children's home-based online learning classes.

"Even teachers are upset because they had to arrange their schedules for online classes on short notice and now the Ministry of Education announced that the school will reopen this March.

"Even National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) issued a statement, of which its Secretary-General stated that they were not properly informed on the Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Di Rumah (PdPR 2.0) programme and had to gather information and complaints from teachers and parents," he said in a statement, today.

"It is a clear indication that the government is going haywire on this matter," he added.

According to Lee, Sabah appreciates and lauded the government's move to launch DidikTV, especially for students in rural areas with bad telco reception.

"But then the government decided to reopen school, and then all of a sudden all teachers are required to have their vaccine shot as same as the frontliners.

"Now the questions is, what about the students' health? Did the government consider that? Is the life of our children not as important and only required to follow SOP as a prevention measure? Where is the logic of such action?

"What about Parliament sitting? If the government allow school to open. Why not the Parliament open and allow for sitting? School can be open but not Parliament due to emergency? Where is the logic?"

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