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DAP rep wants CM to replace Jeffrey with more competent minister

DAP’s Tanjong Papat Assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon Ming Fung.

17 January 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: DAP’s Tanjong Papat Assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon Ming Fung said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor should take drastic action to sack Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and replace him with a more competent minister.

He said this is because the seafood industry players are suddenly told to pay up the Sales Tax for Export of Seafood products backdated to May to December 2021.

Poon stated that back in August last year, Jeffrey announced the postponement of the Sales Tax when there was an uproar over the proposed implementation of Sales Tax on all Seafood products from Sabah until the economic conditions have improved.

“It was reported in the Star on 6th August 2021. In the State Assembly Sitting in Sept, I submitted a question to ask what employment benefits and opportunities it would bring to the people when Sales Tax for Export of Seafood products were to be imposed?

“Until now I have not received any response from the Ministry, although I have received all answers from other Ministries. As a result, everything had quieted down and everyone was business as usual.

“Now all of a sudden the seafood industry players are suddenly told to pay up the Sales Tax backdated to May to December 2021,” he said in a statement today.

Poon asserted that the economy has not recovered and that international travel is still restricted.

“Who will consume in volume the sea products in Sabah? I have not seen the letter to the industry players. I am not sure of the contents.

“Is it how this GRS Government operates? It is very unbecoming of a Deputy Chief Minister to act in such a manner. He should be held liable for all sufferings of the stakeholders. How could you expect them to pay for the unaccounted Sales Tax which was never billed into in their invoices to the purchasers?

“They didn't bill because they were assured by the Minister-in-charge that the SST would be deferred until the economy has recovered. Shouldn't they be notified of the SST to be implemented before implementation?”

If the word of a minister cannot be taken for whatever it is then it is downright dangerous for the general public out there, he added.

He also cited the issue of the Nature Conservation Agreement (NCA) which he said was purportedly signed without presenting to the State Assembly for debate although the Chief Minister later stated that it was not final as many other issues had yet to be finalised.

“By itself, the name of the agreement sounds good. But does it? We have heard of 20 per cent of the profits to be given to third party and that the agreement would be for 100 years.

"What we don't know is, what would happen if Sabah does not receive the dues of what has been promised? Can we terminate the Agreement at any time without any penalty?”


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