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Deaf Society coffer augmented by YBR contribution

23 May 2024


PENAMPANG: Sabah Society for the Deaf was recipient to RM10,000 today presented by Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Coporative Datuk Ewon Benefick.

The Minister presented the funds from Yayasan Bank Rakyat (YBR) which is under his Ministry's purview, to the society at their school

He also presented 20 tablets on behalf of Tanjung Keramat Cooperative Berhad to assist 20 students in enhancing their learning experience.

"I have viewed the school's infrastructure and identified areas requiring additional financial support. I will be reaching out to cooperatives interested in contributing funds or resources to address these needs," he explained.

"This contribution cooperatives can support the school under the society management."

He also expressed his commitment to allocating further funds to meet the society's future financial requirements.

He mentioned that he has been aware of the school for a considerable period and believes it is his responsibility to assess their needs and take appropriate action in response.

Meanwhile, principal Raini Francis thanked the Minister for visiting the school and according them generous donations.

She said such visits means a lot to them as children like them seldom gets attention, so when the Minister visited and gave them something, they are very thrilled.

"His visit and generous contribution means so much to us," she said.

The Sabah Society for the deaf school here caters to 20 students who learn sign language to allow them to attend primary school where they will learn formal education.


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