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Dementia patient accorded hospital bed

Bryan (right) when presenting the bed to Richard's family.

20 October 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Richard Kilik, a 91-year-old dementia sufferer residing in Kg Nambazan Penampang, has received a special hospital bed valued at over RM2k. The bed was presented to him by Bryan Matasing, the Penampang Parliament Liaison Officer representing Penampang Member of Parliament Datuk Ewon Benedict.

Richard, who has been battling this degenerative disease since 2014, is currently bedridden and catatonic. The regular bed he previously used had the potential to cause bed sores due to the heat and his immobility.

His spouse, Jinika Komilus, 73, shared that Richard used to walk around independently while engaging in self-conversations. He would often express a desire to visit Mile 2.5, but the family could never comprehend the reason behind his words.

The team fixing the heavy hospital bed

A few years ago, Richard experienced a fall that left him incapable of taking care of himself and requiring hospitalisation. Subsequently, he contracted COVID-19, which further aggravated his condition. Following his discharge, he became completely bedridden, and his dementia worsened.

During the visit by the Penampang Parliament office team, Jinika expressed her profound appreciation and gratitude to Ewon, who also serves as the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative.


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