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Development and inclusiveness imperative

27 November 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick lauded the Sabah State Government for placing significant focus on the development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

He said at the federal level, starting from Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDC), he as the Minister has advocated for the implementation of a national Look East Policy with a particular emphasis on the Borneo region, to promote entrepreneurship and economic development.

In his Sabah 2024 Budget Debate Speech, he said just as Indonesia envisions developing their Nusantara capital in Kalimantan, and Sarawak shines in its green technology and water industry-based economic development, it is only natural for Sabah to develop its economic potential to create economic synergy within Borneo and establish this island as a significant hub for the Asia-Pacific economy.

“Therefore, let us strengthen the Sabah Entrepreneurship Development Coordination Committee, which was established based on my proposal in this Assembly, and move forward without looking back. Let us work together, "mitatabang" as the Kadazandusun people say, with permission, to continue developing MSMEs in Sabah,” he said.

He proposed that the District Development Action Committee (DDAC) meetings be held monthly to better coordinate, monitor, and address the implementation of development projects. These meetings should involve the elected representatives.

On the bonus of RM2,000 to state civil servants, he said it is a commitment from the Sabah Government to appreciate their role in achieving our development agenda.

” However, I would like to draw the attention of this Assembly to the fact that new appointments in the state civil service, including at the federal level in Sabah, should encompass the participation of all ethnic groups and religions. This includes the appointment of department heads and promotions,” he stressed.

“I am disappointed to read complaints regarding the hiring of new public servants in a state department that does not reflect the diversity of ethnic groups and religions in Sabah.”

Therefore, I suggest that new appointments, promotions, and the filling of state department head positions should at least be based on the demographic percentage of ethnic groups and religions in Sabah. With this, we can foster the spirit of "mitatabang" and ignite the true spirit of Sabah Maju Jaya, as demonstrated during the signing of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 when the leaders of the major ethnic groups in Sabah signed on behalf of Team Sabah.”

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