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Ewon launches 2023 KUSKOP Strategic Plan

17 January, 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Ewon Benedick has launched the 2023 Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (KUSKOP) at the Bank Rakyat Tower Hall here today.

He said, the Strategic Plan themed "Progressive, Transformative and Responsive" aims at three main objectives which are to provide a conducive ecosystem to support and drive the recovery, growth and stability of the country's entrepreneurial sector as well as enhance the resilience and competitiveness of post-pandemic entrepreneurs.

In addition, he said it also to strengthen the facilitative and effective entrepreneurial service delivery system.

“In order to realise the targeted objectives, five strategic cores, 24 strategies and 185 programmes or projects have been drawn up.

“It includes policy formulation, governance and regulation, capacity building, financing access, market access, technology adaptation and strengthening service delivery," he said when speaking at the event.

Ewon said that a total of six KPIs have been set and need to be achieved under the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

“The implementation of all the planned programmes or projects will benefit 543,080 individual entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

“I am confident that the approach drawn up under this strategic direction will reveal entrepreneurs who are more tenacious, viable, proactive, competitive and innovative and able to buffer unexpected situations in the future," he said.

He mentioned that one of the main focuses in the implementation and determination of target groups through entrepreneurship development initiatives under the Strategic Plan is the improvement of technology adaptation and digitisation among entrepreneurs and cooperatives.

“Technological advances in the past few decades have greatly increased competitiveness in business and the economy around the world.

“Accordingly, the Ministry and the Agency should ensure that this matter is prioritised in the implementation of programmes and interventions planned throughout this year.

“This includes empowering service delivery through expanding the use of technology and digitisation," he said.

Ewon is confident that the planned initiatives and interventions that will be implemented by the Ministry and Agencies this year will complete a more holistic and conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“I hope that the solid commitment from all the Ministry and Agencies to help entrepreneurs to further invigorate their business activities will result in a spillover effect to the socio-economic development of Malaysians," he said.

Also present were Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development Saraswathy Kandasami, KUSKOP Secretary General Dato' Sri Suriani Dato' Ahmad, Deputy Secretary General (Entrepreneurial Development) Datuk Haji Zamri Salleh, departmental secretaries, heads of agencies and KUSKOP delegates.


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