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Ewon launches new Social Enterprise portal

23 January 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Datuk Ewon Benedick, launched a new portal for Social Enterprises that will serve as a central hub for the latest information on social enterprises in Malaysia.

Ewon stated that through this new portal, social enterprises can apply for three levels of social enterprise accreditation: the startup level known as "Tunas Perusahaan Sosial," the intermediate level known as "Perusahaan Sosial Asas," or the accredited level known as "Perusahaan Sosial Diakreditasi."

"In addition, the list of social enterprises that have been accredited by KUSKOP (Cooperative and Entrepreneur Development Ministry) can be accessed through the directory on this portal.

"The public can search for information on social enterprises and the goods or products they offer through the links provided in this directory.

"Social enterprises that are interested in learning about the incentives and programs offered to them can visit this new social enterprise portal, along with other information related to social enterprises," he said.

He made these remarks during his speech at the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDC) 2024 Mandate Ceremony, held at the Bank Rakyat Tower Hall, today.

Also present were the Deputy Chief Secretary (Entrepreneurial Development) of MEDC Datuk Haji Zamri Salleh, Deputy Chief Secretary (Policy and Monitoring) of KUSKOP, Noor Afifah Abdul Razak, and heads of ministry agencies.

In terms of MEDC's achievements in 2023, Ewon stated that overall, the ministry successfully implemented 187 programs that benefited a total of 782,522 entrepreneurs, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), cooperatives, social enterprises, startups, informal entrepreneurs, youth, and graduates.

"Based on the theme of MEDC's Strategic Plan for 2023, which is 'Empowered, Transformative, and Responsive' (BFF), we have successfully become the 'BFF' for entrepreneurs and cooperatives," he said.

He mentioned that among the achievements of MEDC and its agencies throughout the previous year were the launch of one policy and two entrepreneurship action plans for implementation, namely the Malaysian Cooperatives Policy 2030, the Street Vendor and Small Trader Development Plan 2023-2027, and the Informal Entrepreneur Formalization Plan.

"MEDC has also introduced a new category of social enterprise (SE) accreditation called Aspiring SE or Tunas Perusahaan Sosial.

He said that this accreditation is done through self-declaration to encourage more organizations to register as social enterprises with KUSKOP, thereby generating more Social Enterprises as desired under the Social Entrepreneurship Action Framework 2030 (SEMy2030).

"In terms of capacity and capability development, a total of 51,033 entrepreneurs and cooperatives underwent capacity strengthening programs and received the necessary entrepreneurial facilitation and support."

In addition, 331,025 individuals received entrepreneurship exposure and cultivation, of which 95,255 have successfully become registered new entrepreneurs," he said.

Ewon stated that in terms of improving access to financing, a total of 326,150 entrepreneurs and cooperatives received financing assistance, including micro-credit financing, entrepreneurship grants, easy loans, and alternative financing.

"In terms of expanding market access, 4,303 entrepreneurs and cooperatives gained access to markets, including business premises and spaces, as well as opportunities to penetrate domestic and international markets. Additionally, 7,041 entrepreneurs and cooperatives strengthened their businesses through technology adaptation and the use of e-commerce platforms," he said.

Ewon mentioned that MEDC also received the Best Development Performance Award for 2023 from the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) under the Prime Minister's Department, as well as the Special Security and Protection Award for 2023 from the Office of the Chief Government Security Officer (CGSO).


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