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Ewon tells Muhyiddin to resign

Datuk Ewon Benedick

29 July 2021

By Ilona Andrew

KOTA KINABALU: Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick has urged Tan Sri Muhyiddin to call it a day seeing that he has "lost his morale" as a prime minister.

The same goes to his entire cabinet, he said in a statement today.

He asserted that the Special Parliamentary Session has highlighted the shortcomings and weaknesses of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government under his leadership.

"Istana Negara has today issued a statement accentuating that Yang di-Pertuan Agong is in dismay of the PN government regarding the administration of the Emergency Ordinance.

"In my understanding, based on this statement from Istana Negara, the government has lied to His Majesty for not implementing what was agreed and ordered to be implemented.

"It is clear that the government has turned its back on His Majesty and has confused the Dewan Rakyat," he stated.

It is also clear that the PN has failed to implement the pledge to defend the Federal Constitution, Ewon added.

On July 26, de facto Law Minister Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan has announced during the Special Parliamentary sitting that all the emergency ordinances have been revoked on July 21.

However, Istana Negara issued a statement today that the revocation was done without His Majesty's consent.

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