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30 April 2021 By Wartawan Nabalu News KOTA BELUD: The decision by local authorities to allow the operation of Tamu Taginambur is a move that is greatly appreciated by Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick. The state assemblyman said he was very satisfied with the adherence of standard operating procedures (SOPs) among vendors and visitors of the tamu (market). “Tamu Taginambur Kadamaian Square has reopened since last Friday and today is the second week of operation.

"The reopening of this tamu allows local sellers and villagers to sell their produces," he said after a walkabout programme at the site here, today. Also present was Kota Belud MP Isnaraisah Munirah Majilis.

Although the tamu (market) was closed last year due to Covid-19, Ewon proposed for the reopening so that the local people can continue generating income, with the enforcement of strict SOPs.

Hence, he hoped sellers and visitors continue to abide by the SOP set by the government in order to combat Covid-19 transmission. Meanwhile, one of the vendors Nairi Lihaan said she was thankful to Ewon for his effort to upgrade and facelift the compound.

"Back then this tamu area was not as nice as jt is today. When it rained, there would be muds and puddles. "But now, the site as well as the road leading to this area have been upgraded," said the villager of Kampung Tuguson, adding that the environment is now more comfortable for vendors. Nairi who has been selling agricultural produces and plants at the site for decades also mentioned that there were more visitors this week compared to when the tamu was first opened last week.

When the tamu was closed last year, she took the initiative to sell her products, which include the most sought-after 'keladi' and 'ati-ati' plants, on Facebook. In order to prevent Covid-19 spread, she said she always makes sure to use face covering and hand sanitisers whenever she engages with her customers.


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