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Focus to strengthen the existing Coopmart network

14 March 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDC) will focus on efforts to strengthen the existing Coopmart network instead of opening Coopmart stores in each parliamentary constituency.

Dato’ Ramanan Ramakrishnan the Deputy Minister of MEDC said at the Dewan Rakyat in response to the question by Sungai Besar Member of Parliament yesterday.

He said regarding the proposal to open a network of Coopmart stores in each parliamentary constituency, it needs to be examined from the perspective of location suitability and other factors.

“At present, MEDC, through the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (SKM), will focus on efforts to strengthen the existing Coopmart network. The opening of new Coopmart stores will prioritize potential residential areas such as the People's Housing Program (PPR) and the Malaysian Public Servants Housing Project (PPAM).”

In addition, in line with the aspirations of the Malaysian Cooperative Policy (DAKOM) 2030 to advance the cooperative sector for the socio-economic development of the community, the ministry, through SKM, has also implemented the Cooperative Madani Sales Program as an alternative to help the government address the cost of living, he stated.

“ It provides an opportunity for the community to obtain daily necessities at savings of up to 20 percent, which can alleviate the daily burden on the people's livelihood. As of January 2024, a total of 22 cooperative madani sales programs have been implemented, with a subsidy initiative of 1.245 billion.”

“ As of March 1, 2024, a total of 2,611 Coopmart stores have been established nationwide. Through this Coopmart network, the cooperative movement can offer essential goods to the people at reasonable prices, where supplies are sourced directly from producers such as poultry and vegetables,” he said.


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