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PPE sewing at FSIC Loreto Convent, Dontozidon - Catholicsabah

Oct 27 2020

KOTA KINABALU: The medical frontliners received a booster from the Franciscan Sisters with their PPE sewing initiative.

With the worsening coronavirus crisis in Sabah, the hospitals have reached a critical stage which is compounded by the shortages of bed space, manpower as well as protective gear (PPE) stocks running low.

Among the many charity initiatives taken up by individuals and groups to correct the shortages, the Franciscan Sisters have launched a sewing initiative Oct 21 to stitch PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which is in danger of running out due to its heavy usage.

Franciscan Sister Grace Deosing shared how the congregation, known as the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC), came to be part of the rescue efforts of the medical frontliners to boost the stock of PPE.

The Franciscan nuns sewing PPE for frontliners at Stella Maris Convent Tg Aru. - Catholicsabah

Sr Grace asserted that during this COVID-19 pandemic “it is without a shadow of doubt that everyone is concerned and praying for the end of the pandemic.”

She revealed that the FSIC initiated “chain prayer”, 6am-10pm, to pray that the pandemic will come to an end, and especially praying the prayer close to the heart of Pope Francis for “doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who are on the frontline of this emergency and are risking their lives to save others”.

The prayer intentions also covered all God’s people far and wide, who are badly affected by the pandemic.

Taking yet another concrete step to support the medical frontliners, hard hit by the pandemic, the Sisters decided to sew PPE for them as prevention and control measures. To kick-start the project, they began the necessary steps of acquiring the know-how of stitching the protective gear from hospital sources.

The Sisters were grateful to Dr Erle Stanley Henry who was instrumental in not only providing the initial information that was most necessary to kick-start the sewing project, but also to organize the handing over of materials for the project.

On Oct 21, Sr Grace Deosing, representing FSIC, received the materials to make the PPE from Azrin on behalf of QEH1.

The Sisters, who launched the project at Loreto Convent and Stella Maris Convent, were supported by volunteers who came forward to offer the Sisters their sewing expertise, for which they are very grateful.

The Sisters invite those who wish to volunteer their loving commitment and generosity to the FSIC COVID-19 endeavor to contact Sr Grace Deosing at 013-8753713. - Catholicsabah


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