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  • Farah Salim

Govt official car switched from Perdana to Vellfire as monthly rental is RM2.80 cheaper

8 Nov 2021

By Farah Salim

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has reasoned that it is switching to the Toyota Vellfire 2.5L model for the government’s official vehicle as its monthly rental is cheaper than the Proton Perdana 2.4 Premium by RM2.80.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry revealed that the monthly rental amount for Vellfire RM4,851.61 while the monthly rental of the Perdana car costs RM4,854.41.

“The Government has decided to use the Toyota Vellfire 2.5L model as the official vehicle for Federal Ministers to replace the Proton Perdana 2.4 Premium model which was discontinued in 2014.

“The decision to replace the official vehicle was also made, among others, based on the monthly rental cost where Vellfire’s is lower than Perdana’s,” said the ministry.

It also mentioned that the replacement from Perdana to Vellfire has long been considered and was only implemented recently.

The replacement was also supposedly scheduled every four years but the ministry said the cars have already reached six years old.

While this may seem like a wise decision, several netizens opined otherwise as the fuel consumption and maintenance for Vellfire would cost a lot more.

Some also criticised the ministry for choosing a foreign brand car instead of local brand car over a RM2.80 difference.

Most of them expressed that they could not comprehend why the ministry made such a decision, while some of them believed that there is personal agenda behind it.


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